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    now ill admit right now that i dont really know shi* about production and recording, and ive only been doing it a couple months, which will probably be apparent.

    i am in the process of buying a lot of studio equipment though, and i want to make sure that i get the right stuff. I am currently looking for something that i can plug my keyboard and my mic into, which will then go into my monitors. and then if possible i would like all of that to hook up simply into my compter with one cord. i dont even know exactly what this would be called, a sound card maybe? if not, then was also wondering about getting an external soundcard for my laptop, since im sure it does no have a very good one.

    so basically i just need to know how to hook all this stuff up so that all my equipment will be insync with eachother. so if you all would be kind enough to help me out that would be great. and the mic needs phantom power also.

    oh and keep in mind i use a laptop without many hook-ups so all i have is a USB port, another rectangular port with 15 holes, and a circular port with 7 holes. i dont know what they're called.

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    You need a soundcard for your computer and a preamp for your mic. Your keyboard plugs into your soundcard
    Your Mic plugs into the preamp and your preamp plugs into your soundcard. The soundcard outputs connect to your monitors.
    I dont know what your budget is, but its possible to buy soundcards/audio interfaces that have mic preamps built into them, so that may save you having to buy a separate preamp.
    The number of inputs and outputs you require will affect the price of your purcase. A basic soundcard will have 2 in/2 out, may be all you need. On the other hand if you buy a card with too few inputs you will find it a nuisance having to re-patch all the time. Your keyboard will require 2 inputs.
    The current range of EMU soundcards are reasonably priced with good sound quality, some of them also have mic preamps built in.

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