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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by MAB, Jun 6, 2008.

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    I have a Roland VS-880, ART Mic Pre amp, Shure 57's and an old Windows PC with a sound card w/ Cakewalk Pro Audio 9. I would normally record everything on the VS-880 (solo song writer, multiple guitar and vocals tracks one at a time) then dump it to the PC in play mode and convert it to MP3 or whatever and burn it to a CD. I don't like editing using the VS-880 - to awkward for cut, paste, move, punch in/out etc. Sounds pretty good though and I like the faders etc for mixing. I need to get a new PC and S/W. Should I try and use the VS-880 or just start from scratch with something like a Firepod?

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    If you NEED to get a new PC and you want to use it for recording then it very well could replace your VS. However, if you currently like/use the portability of the VS and want to continue to have that sort of portability, then you may want to hold on to it.

    If you replace the VS with a computer, you will need some additional hardware...mainly an audio interface. You will also need for every track you want to record on simultaneously. If you want to record 8 tracks at once, you'll need 8 mic pre-amps.

    There are several devices on the market that combine a pre-amp and audio interface into one making it relatively easy to record multiple tracks at one time on a computer.

    You've got the ART and a mic and if you just record a single track at a time, then you just need a basic audio interface. Standard computer sound cards will work but are not really recommended. There are many 2 channel interfaces on the market that would fit the bill for a single microphone. Several of them include recording software as well.

    If I were you, you would get the computer and audio interface/preamps and sell the VS. Keep the ART and 57 as those can always come in handy.
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    I'll try selling the VS-880 on Craigs List and go the new PC route. Thanks.
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    I have a VS-880 and had since it was first released with that $2,500 price tag. OUCH!!! I can't think about that... erasing...

    Anyway, I've kept it out of plain old stubbornness because I would only get around $300 for it now. I use it for mobile gigs sometimes if it's something small like spoken word. I also use it as an effects chain/mixer when I DJ something. You could also use it as a control surface for a PC based system, or even just as some extra preamps... just some ideas. This all depends on how much you paid for it tho... if you can afford to keep it do so, or if you're not going to be losing money on it why not sell it?

    I can say this from experience, the PC route will destroy the VS-880 in more than just the editing capabilities. Better sound, better pre's, no crappy Roland data compression, unlimited effects, more tracks than you'd need, options for upgrades, more available tools... the list is endless. Anyone here will probably tell you the same thing, those all in one boxes usually don't compare. You could even use a laptop if the portability is important to you. Check out the Firepod's or the M-Audio cards. I migrated to a Firepod from the 880 and I'm definitely glad I did. :) Just my 2 cents, but it's definitely going to sound much better. Maybe you could look into control surfaces too. :)
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    maybe I will keep it and still go with a Firepod - good idea. The VS-880 is at best $200 on Ebay now with some stuck at $50, why bother selling it.
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    Ok I was gonna make a separate post but my question applies on here as well..

    I have a Korg D16 recorder that I record and mix on. Unfortunately, it only records up to 4 tracks at a time in 24bit mode. Either way I usually record all my drums in 16 bit and then bounce to 2 tracks and copy those to a new 24 bit song recording all other instruments in 24bit.

    What I'd really like to do is take a computer that I have and am not using, and make it so I can import WAV files from my korg into the computer and mix through a program of some sort on the comp. I'm not really sure what would be the best route for me to take so any help would be greatly appreciated...

    I'm not sure of all the specs on the computer but I'm sure it will need more RAM and hard drive space.. I'd like to mix up to 32 tracks at a time so what would be the best program and hardware for a decent price?


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