getting good stereo sound, is this a good idea

Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by lukeparry, Aug 2, 2005.

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    me and my student friends will be making a movie, however we are under budget, so we cannot afford expensive microphones. We want to try and get the stereo effects, say a car rushing by the camera from left to right. However it is not noticable on a mini dv camera.

    So i have got an idea, well i am going to buy two fairly good omni directional microphones, with a long lead. At home i have got an audio connection that splits up an audio signal, for headphones into two channels left and right. Hopefully if i connect these up to, it will get a clear difference between left and right.

    Would this work and is it a good ideas! thanks luke parry
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    May 12, 2003
    Luke. This would work...kind of. Because the mics are omni directional they would pick up sound from all directions. The only real difference between left and right channels would be related to volume and if you pair the mics together the volume difference would be small between the two. If you spread them out then you could miss some of the sounds you want to catch because the sound from one mic could cancel out the sound of the other due to a difference in the phase of a soundwave at two different locations.

    I would approach this by using two directional (cardioid) mics and pairing them in an "x" type configuration. I would keep the diaphragms of the two mics as close together as possible so that the phase of the soundwave in each mic is a close as possible. Due to the directional quality of the mics the mic aimed towards the left would reject sound info from the right side and vice-versa.
    With this setup the stereo separation would be much better.

    Also make sure that the mic is a "dynamic" mic. A dynamic does not require an external power source and is therefore your only choice for compatability using this type of connection.

    Good luck.

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