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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by layitdown, Jun 17, 2004.

  1. layitdown

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    What is the best way to go about getting your music heard by label A&Rs without it being dumped in the trash before getting in the cd player? I know you need to create a buzz in your city but alot of people are not trying to hear it unless you have a big name label behind your group.
  2. Edu Zappa

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    I believe, that, if you have a certain potential, it's just a matter of time, and I believe, that if you know someone who could give you a help, someone w/ good influences, is the best way, not someone who know a guy who could take it directly to a good producer.... that doesn't work, you must know someone who believe in your potential and this guy must be a good friend of a record label president or artistic director etc....and besides, if the song is bad, they will put your cd on the trash after hearing the first chord, must be impact after impact, u must know that they will hear it all the way thru and, usually, when the song is good, they hear it again, if they stand all the way thru, is a good sign, but doesn't mean that you're already there.... making buzz around your area is really good, if people says good stuff about your songs and others critisize it, it's not good, everybody must hear your music and say that it's amazing (99,99% of the people that talk to you, must say that its amazing), so, people is the first and the only motivation that you'll need to suport this hard path to success, and you'll need them after that, more than you need now..... don't think big, if you have a really great group or compositions you already have something big, don't worry, keep showing your music.... every producer is seeking talent, without talent they won't survive, so.... it's just a matter of time.... don't believe in record labels, believe in your music!!!!!..... and after you sign the contract, probably you'll know that there's other 3 or 4 artists that they're producing beside you, cuz, from 5 potential artists, one happens.... and overcome the other 4..... they prefer to invest only in one artist that will earn more money tham other 4 groups'd do together.... they prefer to loose 200K, than to invest more 200k to make it happen, if it didn't happen as they were hoping..... there's no formula to success, they try it, so you're just one part of the game, if eveything is perfect, you're there....
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    Use every single strategy and offline. Educate yourself about the business you are trying to get into. True, local buzz is how everything MUST begin. You are building a support system. Forums such as these is a method of name placement, but then you need a URL link to drop EVERYWHERE to your tunes. Get people to talking and knowing your name. Build friendships, partnerships, and relationships...for someone may know someone that can give you a boost.

    Besides the practice and perfecting of your craft, education is key. Everyone agrees, this is the toughest business to suceed at, let alone to stay in once you do "make it". Set goals, make plans, learn it. :D
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    OK, labels are not music people. They do not want to develop you. Those days are over. They are business people in the music business. They care nothing about how good music is. They only want to know if they can sell it. If you've moved 20,000 or more copies, have a fan base, and there's nothing but static and feedback on your CD, they will be knocking on your door. The scenario of them listening to your CD, and saying this guy is good lets sign him. ahem....doesn't happen. Some producers will sometimes take someone that can sing and looks good, then buy some songs, create a personality then take all the money. You want a record deal, you need to test market your product and prove to them it sells and sells big. Every time an A&R guy signs some one they have to go to their boss and say "I think we should (gulp) invest a million in this artist. How many million dollar mistakes are they allowed. answer: Just one most times. Thats right you better be damn good because thier job is on the line. You want me to sign you. Prove it.

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