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    We've been in business for some time now and have a new nicely equipped digital audio and video studio (with duplication capabilities)with excellent engineers. My questiion - What is the best way to attract new recording/duplication business - either audio or video or both?
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    Target small business and mid size companies.

    The three to four corpoarte projects I get a year,makes it possible for me to do projects with artists I connect with. I don't have to waste time and effort with people I don't respect.

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    Thank you for your reply. I agree that targetting small to midsized companies is the way to go. But HOW do you get them? We have a few but would like more.
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    You could just do simple things, like advertising, get yourself heard on popular forums, myspace, i know that some small recording companys have set up mysapce pages..loads of people use that, so loads of people see it ! you could possibly try getting in your local newspaper or something ( Just Random Ideas Here )
    hope that helps
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    Thanks, guitar10,
    I guess we'll have to do more of the things you suggested.

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