Getting recorded volume up on cheap portable recorder.

Discussion in 'Digital Recorders' started by TomBrooklyn, Apr 25, 2007.

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    Situation: 4 guys talking around a table with a small mono tape casette recorder on the table using the built in mic. This is a teacher-student conference.

    Results: Two guys come out with adequate volume, two don't.

    Goal: Get all four people recorded with adequate volume.

    Constraints: Can't bring in extensive or expensive audio mixing and recording gear. I have Shure 58 mics but don't know if and how they could be integrated. I am the student and am limited to how much I can alter the "status quo" of the way things are done.
  2. Run one 58 towards half the room and the other one towards the other pair at pretty equal distance. most tape decks have a line in recorder.
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    Your problem comes from using the internal microphone of the recorder.

    What model of recorder is it? Does it have a socket for an external microphone? If so, use a cheap omnidirectional electret microphone sitting on the table pointing vertically upwards. If the recorder does not provide "plug-in power" for the electret mic, get the type of mic that comes with a small 1.5V battery pack.

    If you can't get an electret type, the Radio Shack omni dynamic might be OK for this application:

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