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Discussion in 'Computing' started by Mesford, Dec 31, 2003.

  1. Mesford

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    Hi, I'm assembling the pieces for a small home studio, starting with a G4 400MHZ Mac running OS X. I'm thinking of using USB for the hardware interface and firewire for an external hard drive. I have no plans for more than two inputs at a time and if I get to the point where that's a limitation I'll upgrade hardware. I have a Mackie mixer that I'm happy with so I don't really need mic pres. Software is still an open question, though I'm leaning toward Logic. I'm currently using Vegas on my Windows setup. My question (yes, there is a question here!) is what input hardware do folks recommend? Tascam and MAudio have affordable entries. I'm looking at an EMagic EMI on eBay...

    Thanks, Mike
  2. hemal

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    I use both the indigo IO for 2 track recordings or quick overdubs and the Motu 828 mk2. Both work like a charm so im not sure which one i like. The echo indigo io is so insanely clean that i was like holy!@#!@# this is the best replacement for the onboard sound. does 24 96 if needed and great latency and stability. IT is on pcmcia and im sure they have mac drivers. Echo stuff is rock solid and clean. AKM converters are all us poor folk can afford but feed them some nice MUSIC and they will sing. Hope that helps
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    Yo I'd also try to stay away from usb for audio because of latency problems alot of people have with it. Firewire or Indigo would be the best bet for you.
  4. Mesford

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    Not familiar with Indigo, so I guess its not on my machine. I can use firewire but I was hoping to use that for the external hardrive and USB for the input so the data would be isolated. Just so I didn't overload the bandwitdth. Seems like if I use it for both the data has to cross the bridge twice, once in each direction. I know in terms of theoretical rates firewire should handle it, but I like not testing theoretical limits when the goal is just to get a track down.


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