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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by willy-san, Jan 26, 2005.

  1. willy-san

    willy-san Guest

    Well I started to record, right now i run...

    Guitar,Bass,Amp, or Keyboard > 1/4in cable > 1/8in adapter > soundcard in computer

    Im getting fuzz when I record, though if I turn down the "mic volume" and keep up the "mic record volume" the fuzz isnt there on the recording, i just cant hear myself playing while I record.(bummer) Am I missing something? The fuzz is ok when i just run my guitar right into the soundcard. But if I try to go through my Line6 using the direct out, or any of my pedals the fuzz increases.

    To record my acoustic 6 and 12 string I was wondering if I would be better off using a really good mic, or
    a "sweet spot" type pick-up, like Dean Marley and other companies make. Have any suggestions?
    I guess there are two types of mic's condenssor and ??? regular??, i dont know.

    Is there a technical FAQ anywhere?

    Any help would really be appreciated.

  2. trixie

    trixie Guest


    yes, there are several types of mics. a condensor mic needs external mains to work. it is supplied by the mixer or by an external box if it's really swank. the botton or swtch is usually labeled +48V and is refered to as phantom power. a dynamic mic does not require mains to work. the audible difference tends to be that condensor mics are more sensitive and provide a clearer high end. obviously, all mics are different and have their a unique sound. for the acoustic guitars, i might recommend trying both out. have you used the guitar with a pick up before? a good quality condensor mic is usually a good bet, but i'm not that familiar with pick ups and wouldn't know what is what. :)

    the fuzz you're hearing could be as simple as readjusting the levels on all your pedals. generally, you want to have the level high enough so that the signal is healthy and strong. if one pedal is too low, then the next pedal will have to make up for both levels. try doing this, which is generally a good way to go about working on a problem....

    you've already tried to go straight into the conupter, and you know it's fine. next add one pedal and connect to the computer. set levels and check for anything dodgey sounding. continue adding pedals and setting levels til you work out what piece of equipment is causing the problem. it sound be levels, it could be old leads. just work carefully through all the items first, and let us know what happens.

    also, what do you mean by 'mic volume'?
  3. willy-san

    willy-san Guest

    Hi Trixie thanks for responding.

    Ok I did a bunch of trial and error tests this weekend.
    I have it setup

    Guitar > Effects > Line 6 Spider > Direct Out > Soundcard

    After dialing in everything, (lots and lots of trial and error) i got it sounding pretty good. Barely any fuzz or noise.
    I started another thread about mic's, I am looking at a SM57 and a VTB1, but I am not sure if if will be wortht the money.
    Will those items really improve my sound quality that much?

    "mic volume"........
    I got a new Dell with the SoundBlaster 24bit thinger, and in the settings window, there is a "mic volume"(the louder I turn it up, the more I hear through my speakers, this is when I hear, and thus, record all the fuzz) and a "mic record volume" as long as I have this one up the whole way I get enough volume, but cant hear my playback, because the "mic volume" has to be down so low,

    Maybe headphones would solve this problem?
  4. trixie

    trixie Guest


    i'm glad the fiddle with the levels worked out. the balance of all the fx, etc can get complicated sometimes. well done!

    for a guitar cab, a 57 is a classic and reliable choice. it's brilliant on electric guitars and will last a million years if you take care of it. they're hardy little suckers. and the good thing about micing the cab instead of using a direct out is that you'll be recording the sound of the cab too. if you like your cab and think that you're sound would benefit from it, then go ahead and get the mic. 99.9% of guitarists want this when playing gigs or recording in the studio. they want they're expensive gear to be heard. :)

    just a thought about the noise... are you plugging into the mic or the line input on the pc?
  5. willy-san

    willy-san Guest

    Yes Trixie your smart....

    I have 4 "plugs"

    Green - Speakers
    Black - Line Out
    Yellow - Line Out
    Blue - Mic In, Line in

    The problem was that I had "mic in" selected and not ""line in"
    one click of the mouse and 99%of the problem was eliminated.

    Ok, so i should mic the cab, i have a combo, but that doesnt matter right?

    Then I need to preamp the signal right?
  6. trixie

    trixie Guest


    glad the noise is sorted! well done!

    having a combo shouldn't matter. you'd mic the cones in the amp.

    give it a shot without the pre and see if you've got enough signal. if you find that it's super quiet and you have a lot of hiss, then you'll probably need a pre amp.

    good luck!
  7. willy-san

    willy-san Guest

    Sounds great Trixie, thanks so much for the help.
    It might be a week or two till i can get a mic (jeep just went into the shop) uggg.

    I will keep you posted(no pun intended)


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