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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by dlad109, Sep 1, 2007.

  1. dlad109

    dlad109 Guest

    ok, i recently came into some money and as a longtime musician i decided to buy some good quality recording equipment. in all honesty, i dont know that much about mics, equipment, etc. other then just being in recording studios recording with my various bands over the years. i used to record with a friend and it always turned out great so in the last year i purchased some stuff from him as he upgraded, i really dont know the first thing how to use it but i like starting from scratch and learning on my own because i can have my own little perspective on it. anyways, i plan on recording a full band setup (not all at once) and need to know exactly what i'm going to need for all of this and roughly how much it will all cost.

    here is what i have currently:

    -pc (but i was thinking about getting a laptop possibly solely for recording, is this a good idea, if so, what should i look for?)
    -cubase sx 3
    -mackie onyx 800R mic pre
    -blue blueberry condenser mic
    -krk v8 studio monitors
    -box of monster mic xlr cables
    -all the necessary musical equipment

    so i need to know what other major items i need in order to be able to start recording. i know i need more mics obviously, drum/overhead mics, guitar/bass mics, etc. but as far as between the mic pre and computer how do i get that all hooked up? sorry if this is total n00b $*^t, but like i said im just starting out and dont know much (you were all there once)

    any advice is greatly appreciated
  2. EricIndecisive

    EricIndecisive Active Member

    Jan 4, 2007
    For a pc, I wouldn't really get a laptop if you have the option to get a desktop. I use a laptop because I use it for college work etc, and bring it from there back home again and such.
    A desktop built solely for recording will not be too expensive, and surely much cheaper than a laptop.

    It seems like you are using some pretty good gear (well far exceeds mine anyways) so another important thing to think about is the room that you will be recording in. Are you planning on setting up a studio or is this something just for you?

    When looking for mics try to learn about the different patterns (cardioid, supercardioid, etc) as well as looking at frequency charts for them. People input is great as well!

    As far as hooking things up, I'd imagine that would be the easy part, but probably not! You have a power supply for your board, and mic inputs. As far as connecting to your computer, I'm not so sure besides the optional firewire card that goes into the mixer. This can plug into a firewire port on your computer. I'm sure others can help more.

    So if you don't feel like reading...

    What else?
    A good room
    What mics?
    Cruise the forums
    Look at frequency charts
    Learn about different mic pickup patterns
    Hooking things up?
    Power supply (obvi)
    Line ins if you want to directly plug in
    Mic inputs
    To computer - not sure other than firewire card

    Well this will probably at least give you something to screw around with until some people that actually know what they're doing come along.

    This website taught me a lot about the mics!
  3. Link555

    Link555 Well-Known Member

    Mar 31, 2007
    North Vancouver
    I think you already aswered this, but is 8 channels enough for you?

    Do you have a monitor controller? How do you connect your KRK's to you PC?
    Cheap: Mackie Big knob
    Average: Presonus CENTRAL STATION
    Good: Cranesong Avocet

    From your list you will need more mics. Pick up a decent pair of small diaphram condensors.
    CHEAP- APEX 185
    Average-Rode NT5
    Good -Neumann KM184
    My Favorite : Earthworks QTC 50's

    lots more to say but do some surfing and see what you find,
    best of luck!
  4. dlad109

    dlad109 Guest

    thanks for the advice guys, the firewire card is what i need to get, i couldn't remember what it was called.
    as far as the room, the only reason i was thinking laptop is because this is just for me its not a studio, and for example my friend has a garage that was basically converted in to a shed that we practice in and i was thinking about recording the drums in there, and then do guitars and everything in my house, so i wanted to keep things a little mobile so i could move them around the house, there's different areas of my house where i want to record different things and i figured lugging a desktop around would be a bitch.

    from reading more on these forums though it seems everyone leans toward the pc, which is fine, if that's the best way to go.

    and for the second reply, i dont have the monitors even hooked up yet, so if i need a monitor controller then i guess i need one, i really dont even know what it is to be honest. but this is the kind of information im looking for right now, so i appreciate the replies.
    browsing through the forum i also realize i need to a good sound card as well. any suggestions?
  5. dlad109

    dlad109 Guest

    im bumping this thread cuz i got paid friday and it's time to splurge on more equipment. so here come the n00b questions.

    what else, if anything, do i need to hook up my mic pre to record on my computer. i'm assuming the firewire card to go into my computer, and a cable to connect the two, is that all? or do i need anything else.

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