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    Hey guys, I have been planning of starting a one man band sort of project (all done virtually) and i need help in finding a cheap but good software that might aid me in doing so. I play guitar, so i could get a cable and somehow play through the cpu and record like that but i have no idea where to start and it seems confusing to me and all right now. I'm using the FL studio as my DAW, I got a keyboard that I can connect to my pc at any time, and im looking for a cheap drum machine right now, but other than that i lack software/equipment. What software would you guys recommend for me to get something going?

    By the way, I'm more into the production of rock/metal music so for the most ill be only doing those genres; and like I said, its a one man band.
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    Wanting to go virtual, meen you want some vsti instruments. They are software you open in your DAW that are samples of real instruments that you can play on your keyboard en record. (you can actually record midi information from the keyboard in your DAW and the play that midi notes in any virtual instruments.) What's nice about it is that you can edit that midi information and remove mistakes add notes or even play at a slower pace to record and change the speed of your project to get it faster. Once recorded, you can export those notes played through a virtual instrument to make an audio file in your project and mix it as if it is a real recording.

    I suggest Addictive Drum and Trilian for bass.

    For your guitar, you need a good sound card that has an instrument input, you can use an amp simulator software. Guitar RIG and amplitube both make good job for rock/metal.

    That way everything is done in your computer.

    Of course while virtual instruments and amp simulators are very convincing, you can't replace a vocal. So that sound card need a mic input as well. (with a decent preamp)
    And you need to pick a mic that puts your voice at it's best. (not necessary the most expensive) Just go in a store, ask them to let you try the mics starting from the cheapest going up.. Listen how your voice texture change from mic to mic and choose the one matching your budget and your taste!

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