Gig Rig Pro 14 guitar effects switcher - £450 - UK or Europe only (London pick-up)

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    Dec 15, 2014
    London, U.K.
    - Currently retails for £945.00 with a 12 week waiting period.
    - Lightly used, perfect working condition.
    - includes 'Generator' 5A power supply - retails for £99.00
    - I will throw in a collection of George L cables and connectors (well over £100 to purchase)
    - Money back guarantee (but you pay the postage)
    - PayPal only
    - Buyer covers postage and paypal fees
    - Photos on demand.

    From the manual:
    TheGigRig Pro 14 is the ultimate floor based dynamic audio
    switcher/guitar, effects and amp management system. It is the product
    of four years of research and design, 3 further years of product
    development and a lifetime of musical experience.
    At the press of a footswitch you have instant access and control over:
    10 true bypass effects loops (1 stereo)
    2 Isolated Remote switches (controlling amp fx/channel selection)
    2 selectable outputs (one output is isolated and phase reversable!)
    1 programable pre effect loop class A buffer
    14 easily programmable presets, each with its own bypassable volume
    control circuit
    Tuner out for silent on-stage tuning
    True Bypass select to send your guitar signal direct to your amp
    The tonal advantages that TheGigRig gives you must be heard to be
    believed and the amount of control it offers you is staggering. What’s
    more, the old problems associated with effect pedals such as tone
    sucking, signal degradation, volume sags, pops and thuds and the famous
    tap dance are no longer an issue. TheGigRig takes care of the lot.

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