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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by Nate Tschetter, Jul 20, 2001.

  1. Nate Tschetter

    Nate Tschetter Active Member

    Feb 28, 2001

    Well, I've broken down and purchased GigStudio 160. This is after about 2 years of thinking about getting it. When I started thinking about getting it, I bought a PC (I'm a Mac guy) and now that PC (P2, 350) is 2 years old. I think this machine will work OK for smaller polyphony loads but we're not going to be using it to do, say, the Magic Flute.

    Therefore, I'm considering getting a better machine to run Giga and retire the "old" PC to email and being AFK on various Hotline servers. This machines function will be GigaStudio and 2-track mixdown.

    So, what are you GigaStudio users using for your PC setup? I'm open to all possibilities from building to buying a "souped-up" audio computer.

    My needs:

    - <$2,000 budget (including a sound card)
    - I'd like something that rackmounts, however, this isn't a deal-breaker
    - Sound card with 8 ins/outs on lightpipe
    - Sound card with Word Clock in is preferred
    - removable fixed hard drive system for backup

  2. CopperDalton

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    Hey Nate -

    A lurker surfaces...geez, I've only been reading for months, now. |:)

    My system is a year old and a homebrew - I ain't up to current speed, yet, but I've had good luck with GS and other soft-synths (N-I's B-4 is awesome).

    One big suggestion: use two drives for your system - one system drive, and one for your GS .gig files. That'll make a huge difference in your performance, since you'll be streaming samples from disk. I'm a fan of SCSI (ouch, that doesn't sound quite right), but ATA-66 or -100 drives have been great for a lot of folks

    Go for lotsa memory, too - Crucial's my favorite for cheap, grade-A RAM. 512MB is so cheap, I'd say that should be a minimum.

    With regard to GigaStudio, you need a GSIF-compliant card for the best performance. I had reasonable success with the EgoSys WaveTerminal 24/96 card, right up until the latest driver releases. It's probably my config (I really gotta re-do my Win98 install sometime...I'm hoping Nemesys' XP-compatible release of GS160 will work for Win2k systems, too), but I got tired of the routine.

    So, I moved on to the RME Digi96/8 - AES/EBU (on XLRs, finally - many others require converters/adapters), S/PDIF, lightpipe (too bad we're a TDIF shop), analog options, and a word clock daughtercard. Very handy for syncing to a master clock like an Aardsync, and the drivers are stable on both Win98 and Win2k (Linux, too, from what I hear). No WDM suport yet, unfortunately, but ASIO & GSIF support is nice, and MME latencies are pretty low. Make sure to check out RME's site - there's a lot of cool stuff there. Some rackmount, some not, some simple digi I/O, others full-fledged digi/analog and connections out the wazoo.

    Not to steer you away from - I visit at least twice a day, but NorthernSounds' messageboard is pretty much the offical one for GS. I would check with the crew there, and scan the past messages - lots of good info.

    Good luck with the system,


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