GINA 20 Bit and ECSK7S5A

Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by Greggc, Oct 7, 2003.

  1. Greggc

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    Upgraded to this motherboard with my old, reliable GINA card, however, the system keeps hanging while playing an audio file, sometimes starts playing garbage(static).
    Diamond Speedstar AGP Video card
    GINA 20 Bit
    1 512 MB PC133 ram

    any clues?I have disabled the onboard sound
    but to no avail. Does it have something to do with the chip set on this Motherboard?
    Any help greatly appreciated.
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    Apr 15, 2003
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    I had a similar problem with an Asus mobo and a Layla 20 card.

    Although I thought that I had disabled the onboard sound...I had moved the jumpers...I found that I:

    -Didn't set them correctly at first.
    -Further had to disable the audio system in the bios.
    -Something else that I can't remember...but I don't think it was was perhaps turning off Windows sound schemes....something like that....

    Also, make certain that the drivers are up to date and that the chipset on the mobo is not in conflict with the Echo card.

    Echo cards can be particular...that chipset info is very important. Check the Echo website for details.

    Best of luck-

  3. Greggc

    Greggc Guest

    Thanks for your help and advice. Last night, as a last-ditch effort
    to solve my problems, I went into the bios and disabled all USB
    related support and then when windows booted up removed all drivers for USB to PCI bridge and anything having to do with USB.
    I then went into Adobe Audition, opened a session with about 20 tracks, selected a good size range and looped it. It played flawlessly for 30 minutes before I stopped it.

    Apparently, the USB functions/drivers were interfering with my sound card/driver(which is PCI), so I think major troubles are over, of course, anybody who uses a computer for digital audio knows that "trouble" is it's middle name.

    Thanks again

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