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Discussion in 'Converters / Interfaces' started by lanababe, Sep 13, 2009.

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    Hello I am new here my name is lana. I have 250 dollars what is the best interface I can get. I was thinking presonsus firebox or the fire pod but I hear mix reviews. I only need one for a condensor mic. I am a singer. I would appreciate you guys feed back since I hear this is where experience people are. I tried amature forums but there amatures :oops: what do they know right the blind leading the blind no offense to anyone.
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    Welcome to RO! I see this is your first post but just to let you know your post might have been better placed in the Newbie or BudgetGear forums and may be moved there by a moderator.
    You asked about Firebox and Firepod interfaces but I am going to assume that you were asking about the two devices linked below as the Firepod now known as the FP10 is an eight channel interface that costs almost twice your proposed budget.

    There is a difference between these two, the Firebox being the better with more routing options, independent power supply, better converters, firewire connectivity (as opposed to USB) and is the baby brother of the FP10. It requires more processing power and RAM from the computer.
    Both units have the phantom power required for condenser mics.

    When purchasing an interface it is very important to make certain that your computer has the required specs and operating system. For example the Audiobox will not work with Vista64 and the Firebox works best with certain firewire and motherboard chipsets, this can be best determined by reviewing the "known compatible and incompatible hardware" PDF in the Firebox link. You might also want to join the and post your computers specs in the "presales forum" to avoid frustration.
  3. lanababe

    lanababe Guest

    thanks But I wasnt reffering to the usb audiobox presonosus has a fire wire interface called firepod. Still I was leaning towards the firebox. I hear people say that firewire is way better than usb so that is what I am sticking with.
  4. Space

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    Jun 26, 2007
    More like the blind leading the unwilling...
  5. Guitarfreak

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    Feb 21, 2009
    :lol: :cool:
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