Glyph drive dectected via usb, but not e-sata


Kyle P. Gushue
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Jul 21, 2009
Boston, Massachusetts
happy holidays everyone!!!

i've been searching around the internet for an answer to this but the glyph site, and sweetwater site haven't been able to answer it. its my cousins setup and he got a new glyph drive (gt50). i initally connected it via usb 2.0 (even tho the drive is 3.0), and formatted it and it worked. the computer is an older dual (3.2ghz) creation station, w/ a stock card that has e-sata, my uncle has purchased a 2 port esata card, so both (new, and old glyph drives) will hopefully run nicely together.

my first step, was to just connect the drive via esata, after it was installed thru usb, but it didn't show up. so i re-connected it via usb, and it showed up instantly.

i'm just unsure of why, and what to do. i've read things that say i may need to install the driver for the stock card (tho sweetwater should have done all that), other things talk about motherboard, i don't want to dig into the motherboard settings, unless i have too, but i feel like i'm just missing something obvious.

i remember a similar thing when i was using my laptop cardbus e-sata card, but i forgot how i dealt w/ it, cuz it was years ago.

the question is how to make a new drive recognized via esata. i did read the manual, did it step by step, no cigar.

thank you guys!!! Good eats tomm for everyone i hope!!


Apr 19, 2006
I don't see a GT50 in the Glyph product range. Could this be a GPT50 or possibly the older GT 050Q or the GT 051?

What capacity is the drive? Which OS version and wordlength are you running?