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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by sickyboy, Aug 7, 2005.

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    Well I have been toying with PTLE for a couple years now. I think I have come to the conclusion that bass and guitar sound better recorded direct. with stuff like the GT8 and Vox tonelabs and 24bit stereo tracks and sansamp its hard to screw up. Most you guys record direct, or Amps? If amps ,then how many mics/tracks. Big amps or smaller ones? With my amps out of the studio opens up alot more room and lets guitar/bass/drum in the same room. One more thing, anybody here using one of those fold out plexiglass shield for going around a drum kit? Thank guys, good forum.
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    If it works for you (and your clients), then roll with it.

    Lately its been a combination of micing amps and using Ampfarm. My personal preference is definitely micing an amp over using (what I call) softamps (like Ampfarm or Amplitube) or going direct,. I'll usually use two mics at most. (There ain't nuthin in the world like movin some air with a nice guitar amp!) As far as 'big amps or small amps' go, it depends on the song, genre, timbre, attitude, what's available etc.

    I will DI a guitar straight if it is a particular sound I am going for. So far the only time I have been using ampfarm is when its a last minute track or if I can't get my hands on, lets say, an vox AC-30 with out spending an arm or a leg renting one (I'd rather buy one if I had the budget to AND if its in good condition). One benefit to having these softamps are that you don't need a lot of physical space in your studio, just disk space (if using said softamps).

    Never used those plexiglass shields. I have not seen them used in a studio, mostly live and broadcast applications. Usually I'll use gobo's behind and on the sides of the kit (to help minimize reflections close to the kit).

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