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    Sep 26, 2005
    The AES convention, in NYC is at the Jacob Javits convention Center beginning tomorrow, October 5. I'll be up there through Sunday, staggering around like I have been doing for 35 years.

    Who's going to come to the show? Let's get some of the Recording.org people together to meet, enjoy some libations and chat awhile. Saturday, after the show closes. I'll post a note on the bulletin board and I'll have my cell phone on and with me all day. I'm looking forward to meeting Joe Hannigan from Weston sound in Philadelphia. I hope to see more of you there?

    My cellular number is 703-608-2381 which is a Northern Virginia area code. I have voicemail if my reception is compromised indoors. In which case I will be checking my messages often.

    If you have problems hearing me, my cellular phone number is 703-608-2381 .

    Can you turn that Speaker down!!!
    Ms. Remy Ann David
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