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Discussion in 'Mastering' started by iq, Mar 13, 2005.

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    Hi all,

    I'm still in learning curve and looking for a good power amplifier to work with for mastering.

    My current crown DC300a slew rate is 15v/uS, which is very slow of course. So I think I need another amp with higher slew rate as an alternative. But at what rate?

    I've heard that bryston is over 60v/uS which in my opinion it will sound crispier than my old silver tank...

    I've auditioned chevin Q6 which the slew rate is 75v/uS and I was not so happy with it, because I feel the sound is very "punchy" and "edgy" compared with dc300a. Makes my ears easily fatigue... :-?

    Do you guys prefer "crisper" and "punchy" fast amp? or the slow one (ie hafler P1000 20v/uS) ..?

    Any thought about these would be appreciated, thanks! :cool:
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    Slew rate is just one aspect of a power amp. You have to look at the whole design of an amp. I don't look at specs when I check out amps. It's much too easy to fall into expectations before you even hear it. Most times they pull these figures out of their buttocks anyway. I would suggest you listen to amps and catagorize them based on their design. I'm using a mosfet style amp now. To me they sound warm yet detailed with the monitors i'm using. On other monitors i've heard them on, they sounded too dark. But not all are created equally so it's hard to generalize this way too. this leads to another point, the monitors and how they react to different styles of amps. Don't forget about your room too. All of these play a factor on how your amp is going to sound.

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