Good stereo mic for acoustic guitar?

Discussion in 'Guitars' started by spark, May 11, 2007.

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    I record songs in a voice and acoustic guitar format (no other instruments). I'm searching for a nice stereo mic (up to about £500/$1000). I've tried the Rode NT4 but the tone wasn't quite there for me.

    I'm now considering the Studio Projects LSD-2 and also the Shure VP88 (the latter is better known as a field/broadcast mic, but I have seen it mentioned as a capable mic for recording acoustic guitar).

    Has anyone used either of these mics for recording acoustic guitar, and if so, how do you rate them for this task?

  2. BobRogers

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    Apr 4, 2006
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    I'll be interested in reviews of the LSD-2. I've considered it as well. But in the end I decided to add a second AKG C414B-ULS to my collection. I know I was taking a chance on getting one that matched pretty well, but I'm happy with the results. It's more than you are budgeting - even on eBay - especially when throwing in good stereo bar and shock mounts. But a pair of multipattern mics is obviously much more versatile than a stereo mic. I was able to use them as spaced omnis today when recording the local high school orchestra.

    Something to think about at least.
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    Thanks Bob. You can find a review of this mic at:

    This is the only review I've found on it so far.

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    I have an aversion to stereo mics. I'd rather have two good mics and a t-bar that I can use in a variety of applications. The AKG Blue Lines work well for me on guitar - good detail without being bright.
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    Assuming you are talking about a multi-track studio recording (as opposed to recording a live performance), I would second Zemlin's suggestion about using a pair of mics to retain flexibility.

    When deciding how to mic a new singer/guitarist, I will talk to the artist about what sort of recorded sound (s)he wants to achieve. Then I listen to the acoustic sound for a while, watch how still (s)he can sit and look at exactly how (s)he achieves the tone. Only then will I decide how to mic it. Often I will opt for recording the guitar in M-S using a pair of LDCs. Sometimes a single SDC can give better results. Although I have had good recordings from an NT4 stereo mic, the positional flexibility is not as great as with individual mics.

    I will always take a pickup track as well, as it is a valuable resource at mixdown, used sparingly.

    As I have said in other thread replies, the artist frequently wants to be represented by a recorded sound that is never present acoustically. So you as the engineer have to be a bit of a magician as well.

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