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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by ostmcaleb, Mar 21, 2007.

  1. ostmcaleb

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    I am in the market of buying some new monitors for mixing all types of music out of pro tools. any suggestions? i don't have an endless budget, but all suggestions would be helpful. Ive been looking at the Adam A7's and the BlueSky 2.1 mediadesk system. what do you think?
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    Dec 10, 2001
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    Not knowing your budget or your mixing area size its impossible to give a very knowledgeable suggestion to your question.

    Try the search function as this has been discussed endlessly.
  3. James686

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    yeah you do need to be more specific,
    i spent in the 300-500 usd range and have been satisfied with my krk rp6's.
  4. Antho

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    I think knowing you are after adams and blue sky's gives enough of an indication about your target monitors.

    I have used Blue sky's extenstively in a 5.1 arrangement. They are very nice to mix with and are quite easy to listen to for decent lengths.

    Never mixed on ADAMS but listened thru for about ten minutes so no real idea other than reputation. Don't think you could go wrong there.

    I recommend: Dynaudio BM6a's.

    I have used 15a's for around five yrs now. I've written so much about them eslewhere I can't be assed going into it again. Have a listen, do your comparison and research and decide.

    I felt the Blue Sky's had a similarish kinda sound to the Dynaudio's but its hard to tell with no direct A/B and not having used one in a similar time frame to the other. It could be ADAMS fit into the same camp.

    to finish off, and to confound you more, i'd be happy with any of the above

  5. ostmcaleb

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    sounds good to me, i think im going to stick with the bluesky 2.1 system, those Dynaudio BM6a's sound nice but are a lil pricy for my budget right now. thanks for all the input. i apoligize if this question gets asked a lot...

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