Got a good mix but levels are low...

Discussion in 'Mastering' started by geeknik, Aug 19, 2005.

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    I am producing a demo for a local band and have a decent mix for them on cd. I put the disc in and compared it to other bands of the same genre and found the levels were pretty low in comparison. What techniques can I use post-mix to get the levels up? I am new to all of this if you can't tell.

    Here is an mp3 of the mix.
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    What I've done is remixed this thing and on my 24 track master in sonar i rolled back the volume to give me about -4db headroom. Then when I export the wave and import into a stereo master track I used Waves L1 ultramaximizer to boost the volume. It sounds pretty good but im not sure its loud enough still.
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    ok, first read every post on the forum. just kidding, well maybe not.

    dump the L1 go with the L2. that will get you a bit louder. other than that, practice makes perfect.
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    Pump Up The Volume!

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