Got my ISA428, need something to complement it now

Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by jazzy655, Mar 16, 2005.

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  1. jazzy655

    jazzy655 Guest

    alright, got my ISA 428. Loving it. Now i'm looking for a compressor, or possible a channel strip with a very good compressor in it. I'm looking for something that will give my my drum samples major phatness. I was thinking maybe a thick neve type piece to complement my ISA 482.

    doesn't have to be dual channel. i'm basically looking for a color, to phatten up my kicks and snares with. I thought about the LA-610, but it would bug me not being able to use the Pre, and the compressor seperatly, which the 610 doesn't do.

    Am i better off just going with a distressor? the reason i'm thinking channel strip is because i also record some rock stuff, and I thought having a good tube around would be very useful.

    any ideas?? trying to keep the cost under $1700.

  2. tomtom

    tomtom Guest

    The Distressor will help.
    The Culture Vulture :
    A tape machine?

  3. jazzy655

    jazzy655 Guest


    thanks man, i'll check those out.
    anyone else got any suggestions. i'm still leaning toward the distressor.
  4. bobbo

    bobbo Active Member

    Dec 11, 2004

    a used UA 6176, pre and comp can be used independently.
  5. amg1

    amg1 Guest


    I auditioned the UA-6176 before my ISA-428, but went with the ISA-428 for the additional channels. The UA-6176 is an awesome piece for the color capabilities and the 1776 comp. alone. And IMHO would compliment the ISA very well. I got to audition it with my mic at the time, SP-C1, it was BUTTER!

    I too am looking at a Vintech X81 & X73i. For compresion chores the Distressors seem to be used quite a bit, another comp. I'm interested in is from Tubetech.

    I think if you could find a good used UA-6176(not sure what they are going for now) it would give a nice contrast to the ISA + the 1176. Nice Phat bass, warm leads & synths as well as vocals. Sounds like a good marriage.

  6. Markd102

    Markd102 Well-Known Member

    Apr 24, 2001
    How about the Sebatron VEQC2000 ??
  7. amg1

    amg1 Guest

    Haven't heard it, but from what I've read around here it's not quite as robust(aggressive) as the UA. But it holds it's on in sound quality from what I've read. The UA can get quite grimey in a clean way! Hopefully someone will come along who has experience with the Sebatron.


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