Gotta quick question about delta 44 w/ cool edit 2.0

Discussion in 'Converters / Interfaces' started by Cory Belcher, Aug 20, 2004.

  1. Cory Belcher

    Cory Belcher Guest

    I just got a new setup on my computer and im having some trouble. If anyone could help me, id be extremely grateful.

    I have cool edit 2.0 on my computer, and I just bought a delta44. When I take my bass and plug directly into the delta44 breakout box and try recording with cool edit 2.0- i got almost no sound. I can see almost no soundwaves, and i can only hear it if i crank the speakers on playback.

    Ive already adjusted the levels on the Maudio mixer... but Im starting to wonder if there is a screwup because the driver software is for Win 98 and I have Windows XP. COuld that be it? If so how can I buy the real software?

    If its not that- do I have to plug into a mixer before going into the breakout box? Cuz even if I try to plug into my amp and lineout into the delta 44- the recording is still the same, real quiet.

    So can anyone please help me.... im so lost and juist wanna get this thing working. Any help wouldbe huge.

    Thanks yall!
  2. elemnt_x

    elemnt_x Guest

    you may be plugging into a "line in" instead of a jack with some sort of preamp/gain on it. look if the box's connections are labeled or check out the directions. usually the jack that is meant for a mic will have some sort of preamp on it. use that. if you need more inputs for line-level sources like guitars, just pick up a preamp from the music store. i got the ART V3 Studio preamp, im not endorsing it as anything great, but at $100 or so, it gets the job done fine on my bass. later.
  3. Cory Belcher

    Cory Belcher Guest

    well the delta 44 im using right now only has 4 line ins and 4 line outs.

    Im plugging my bass directly into the input and trying to record. But even when i play thru my bass combo and line out into the delta44, it still records quiet as hell.

    So- do I NEED a preamp before going into the delta 44? Is that why It would be recording so quiet? What do I need to do before going into the delta 44 line in? A preamp? Amixer?
  4. audiokid

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    Cory, good moderator suggestion,

    rename your title to something more descriptive than gotta quick question. This will help everyone down the road that may have the same problem.

  5. Cory Belcher

    Cory Belcher Guest


    still lost.

    Do I need a mixer to go into the "M Audio delta44"?
  6. pantalaimon

    pantalaimon Guest

    Hi I'm new to this forum. No you do not need a preamp at all. In fact for a long time i was under the impression that you did. Ihooked up a clean guitar to it and it was barely audible, however when i went into the M-Audio control panel there was an option to increase the sensitivity of the 4 input ports; there are three settings. -4dB CondB and +10dB. For what you want you'd be looking for +10 dB. Ideally though a pre amp would be in order.

    now that I've half introduceed myself, could you or someone pleas give us a hand with a problem in Cubase SX. If I'm in the wrong forum, I'll go to the right one but it's just that I'm using a Delta 44. Well the problem is that when I'm recording I can ONLY hear what's coming through the inputs, which is fine. Until i put effects on them. I hear neither master os send or inserts while I'm recording. I have a feeling that when i press "monitor" that the audio monitor bypasses Cubase.

    Can anyone relate to my quiry? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  7. pantalaimon

    pantalaimon Guest

    By the way, had it not have been for that title change Google would never have picked up this site.

    Just food for thought.
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