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    Hello all, so I just received the brick and I am just plugging it in to do some test and I am wondering what is the inst thru output used for? Does it bypass the tubes in the brick to give it a cleaner sound, and also when using the inst thru. Is that your main output to be passed into your daw?
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    Did it come with documentation? If's the snippet taking from the documentation that I easily accessed on the Groove Tubes website.

    What this means is that if you were sending an instrument signal into the Brick, you could split that via the INST THRU and send that to another device such as an amplifier.

    You should NOT use the INST THRU to go do your DAW. You should use the standard output on the Brick for that. The INST THRU does "bypass the tubes" but not to make the sound any cleaner. It's really just a signal splitter. The sound that comes out of the INST THRU should be exactly the same sound that is input in the INST INPUT.

    Just go here.[/quote]
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    Ahh I got it now thanks.

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