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Discussion in 'Guitars' started by emokidsimon, Jun 25, 2005.

  1. emokidsimon

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    How come when i use a normal sennheiser vocal mic, to record a guitar amp. when i strum really hard it like makes distorted crackling noises. is it the wrong type of mic i am using?

    Setup i am using for this.

    Sennheiser e825s
    into a
    Behringer ub1832fx-pro
    into my computers AC'97 soundcard.
  2. anonymous

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    Feb 10, 2001
    I'll take a stab at this one. But I am not sure without knowing a little bit more.
    I think 1st off that it "might" be the quality of cord you are using. Or maybe the cord has something wrong with it.
    If it's not that. Then "maybe" your gain settings are a tad too high. Try adjusting the gain pot on the mixer, until you are sure that it's not the problem.
    Sounds like when you play soft its not a problem, but when you send a stronger signal to the board its distorting and "clipping" the input stage.
    I suggest, switch a couple of cords to make sure that it not the cord(s). After that, turn ALL your dials back to 0 or 1 and slowly turn them up one at a time until the same result happens. Then turn them just below where the "crackling" accures.
  3. killersoundz

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    I don't believe it has anything to do with the cord, it's simply your gain structure. You're apparently using an onboard soundcard and its pretty obvious but those probably don't have a very wide dynamic range. Turn the trim (gain) control on the mixer down and also tweak your soundcard settings for recording, not playback. In your sound properties you'll be able to select either playback or recording. You should be going into the line-in on your soundcard and not the mic-in.

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