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    I'm looking to expand my guitar rig some gear. Mostly a preamp/effects unit such as a Rocktron Prophesy, and a good power amp. I am just worried about changing settings on it. Basically switching from clean to distortion to a lead channel type thing. I guess what i'm trying to ask is, by hooking a MIDI foot controller up to a unit such as this, do you have control over every setting on it to save as a preset on the controller? All of these devices are MIDI capable, so yeah...

    If someone could elaborate on the basics of this, that would be awesome. thanks.
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    The answer is yes.
    You can set up your MIDI foot control so that when you to stomp a switch, it changes to the desired program.
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    That really depends on the MIDI implementation of the preamp. MIDI can be a lot more than simply changing presets on the box. Realtime controller options over stuff like effects' send/return levels (by pedal),EQ changes on-the-fly, and effects' parameter changes may (or may not) be accessible. You need to check with Rocktron about that. They have good tech support folks there. I hate to say it, but I've needed them lately due to some hardware issues. Mainly cheesey footswitches and wall warts. But they definitely work hard to support their customers. BTW, what power amp were you looking at?

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