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Discussion in 'Guitars' started by jfavela, Nov 21, 2005.

  1. jfavela

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    I own a small home-studio. I am looking to add some guitar tools to it.
    I've been product researching and have come to some conclusions or near one's at least.
    I want to add the Boss GT-8 as my effects processing station.
    Recording primarily and some live applications.

    For recording...
    I've been told line in is fat and really good, but that running this processor into a amp/cab and micing it would give me the best results. I know there is a million ways to skin a cat.

    Issues have arisen in my research, "damn it nothing is cut and dry in the studio."
    LOL. All you Hardcore GT-8 users insist getting a flat response keyboard monitor or self-powered PA speakers to avoid, "re-amping," already modeled pres, amps, cabs, mics, etc. For some reason, I don't like this idea. I want a guitar amp that will make this pedal, "fly." I have no real technical opinion on this issue because, well, I'm no engineer. I find it really hard to believe that it is so impossible to dial this puppy in with a nice, "guitar," rig. I want to add a nice low-wattage tube combo to the studio for use with/without the GT-8. Bang for the buck in my studio. For now at least...:)

    I'm reading the GT-8 owner's manual and it has multiple choices for various types of inputs you'll be plugging into. Also, I apologize for being such a newbie, I've seen combos and amp heads with an effects send/return section. Does running the pedal into the return bypass the amps pres?

    I have a few combos in mind for this:
    Fender Hot Rod Deluxe
    Vox AC30

    The reason for these choices, is being in a home-studio I wanted a low-wattage amp. The Roland JC120 was considered, but isn't this amp really LOUD?

    So am I crazy, or has anyone in here dialed this thing in with a guitar combo? I'm talking ball crunching distortion and to die for tones...

    Any thoughts, feedback is greatly appreciated.

  2. go to like sam ash or something and try the different amps out. Its your preference to what you want to get out of the amps and the sound you want. I personally dislike Fender amps and have never owned a Vox amp but have heard good things about them. Pick the amp you like and it doesn't matter what others think as long as you like the sound.
  3. GregP

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    The reason that flat-response speakers are recommended is because the amp models in the unit already feature EQ (and/or peak-resonance curves), amp, and speaker emulation information that can be negated or futzed by running it through a real amp.

    For example, something like the AC30 is renowned for the way it colours the sound of an electric guitar, even 'clean'. It's such a unique sound that adding a modeled Rectifier (for example) will almost likely screw with the sound.

    Now, there's something to be said for saying 'to heck with ya' to the purists. Maybe a rectifier sound running through an AC30 would sound good, even though it wasn't intended to. I dunno, I've never tried it.

    BUT, since amps like that are costly in the first place, I'd buy one just so that I could use it for its intended purpose-- as an AC30.

    An alternative that might work for you is the Atomic Reactor. Here's a link to their 'being renovated' webpage, but you can probably find info at online music vendors, too:

    Now, one of the the 'selling points' is that you can buy fancy templates that basically incorporate your FX unit (ie. PODXT, V-Amp) right into the top of the amp itself, but there's no law saying you couldn't forego the template and just run a cable into its input, keeping the GT-8 on the floor.

    If I was dead-set on a GT-8 through a 'real amp', this is certainly the option I'd go for.
  4. Gooch

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    Jan 13, 2006
    God-like guitar tone!!

    I have a hot rod deluxe, and use the boss gt6 myself for live and ocasionally studio work. (Stomps/rack units are "typically always recommended for studio apps.) Anyhow, I have had TONS of compliments on the monster tone that I get out of my rig. I have played side by side with guys using Marshall stacks, with tons of rack gear, etc. and blew their tone away. The hot rod deluxe is a very clean and true sounding amp, and for a 40 watt combo it puts out TONS of sound!! (It goes to 12!!~lol) I use my amp completey clean with all effects running stright from the gt6 and it works great for me. I would suggest mixing the amp sound clean directly from the guitar first to get the best and truest clean tone first, then mix the patches to that tone. Hands down i'd go with this rig over almost any other. You should be able to get virtually "ANY" tone with this rig.

    (Note)-GT 6 would be the newer GT 8 in your case, and is also a great and nearly identical unit.

    Good luck!

  5. jarrydn

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    I agree with Greg. Why run a modeller into an AC30 and hope that you can dial in the sound you're after, as opposed to running it direct (or running it through a flat response amp) and getting a truer reprasentation of your sound, as well as saving a bunch of money along the way?

    Taking up a 'challenge' can be a costly venture :p

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