Guitar Tracks 1.02 Help!!!

Discussion in 'Guitars' started by rcraig7, Feb 16, 2003.

  1. rcraig7

    rcraig7 Guest

    My setup: Guitar Tracks 1.02 on Win XP
    Sound Blaster Audigy 2 Platinum Ex

    My problem: I have tracks of drums and bass
    that I dragged in from a sample CD. When
    I go to record my guitar with simultaneous
    record/playback, the new track contains
    the guitar plus the drum and bass tracks!
    Am I doing something wrong?

    Please see this screenshot, this is what it
    looks like before I record the guitar part:

    Thanks for any help anyone can give me!!!
  2. Tnglwd_stu

    Tnglwd_stu Guest

    Not having the same config. as you, I can only guess - but it seems to me like you are recording the output and input of your sound card!

    It's likely to be a soundcard set-up thing, as oppose to a software related thing. Is there a preference panel for the soundcard set-up somewhere? What have you got the audio inputs set to, they should be on chanels 1 + 2, as oppose to the stereo bus it looks like you've got it on.

    Sorry this a vague, but I hope it helps.

  3. Blutone

    Blutone Guest

    Stu is right. It is your Audigy that's messing you up. By default, the Audigy is set to record "What You Hear". Bring up your surround mixer. The far right slider is what you need to change. Just click the "What You Hear" icon above the slider and select the input you want to record. HTH.
  4. rcraig7

    rcraig7 Guest

    Thanks that did it!!!!!!!
  5. Blutone

    Blutone Guest

    Sahweet. Anytime man. You'd be hard pressed to find a question that can't be answered here. This forum has so much. Check it out and welcome to RO. :)

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