guys korg d1600mk 2 or a computer based program to mix and record vocals

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  1. dami

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    Dec 23, 2011
    Guys please advise i just bought a korg d1600 mk ii digital mixer and was wondering do i mix my tracks on the mixer without a pc or would you recommend i connect it to the pc and mix the tracks on a pc based software instead. if i have to connect it to the pc how do i link the pc based software to the mixer? and do i add effect to the mix both on the pc and mixer or do i just stick with the pc based software because the mixer has a few effects built in..please reply.
    BTW i record rap. thanks:cool:
  2. dvdhawk

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    Dec 18, 2008
    Western Pennsylvania, USA
    Hi and welcome RO

    A) Please don't post the same question in 5 different forums - this is in no way a Mastering question. The people who can help you, will find your question if you post it once in the appropriate sub-forum.

    B) I would say, keep the recording chain as simple as possible. The Korg would be all some people would need - especially if you like the portability. If the Korg does everything you want to do - don't muck it up by making it more complicated.

    Going to PC editing software will give you more capability / complexity and more headaches. The big advantage with a computer based recording system is the ability to do surgical editing.

    The Korg should have a USB connector to transfer the WAV files to your computer - at which point you will do all the mixing with your mouse. If you're more interested in software based recording, you may have been further ahead buying an interface rather than the Korg.

    Best of luck.
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