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    saw this software mentioned in another thread..
    anyone using it? and if so - how are the results?

    I haven't seen it discussed much before... looks interesting though.
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    You were probably referring to my post in another thread referring to HarBal. Sound on Sound magazine has reviewed it twice (the second review on the latest version 1.5) so a search of their site should turn up more info for you.

    For me, the program is invaluable for checking the consistency of my mixes in terms of frequency content and harmonic balance, even if I don't use it to actually process them. Since using the program (and as an aside reading Bob Katz' book Mastering Audio) my mixes have become much more focussed and clear. I have been able to learn about the impact my room is having on my mixes and take that into account more confidentty than before. So even as an educational tool I think it is a steal at the asking price. Both HarBal and Bob Katz should be paying me commission because I have recommended both these very often recently both at this forum and others. But I have no association with either - my only intention is to alert other people to these tools that, more than anything else, have really made an appreciable diffence to my recording and mixing.
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    I'll throw in a similar point... I tried it, didn't care for it for the most part, but I can definitely see where it could help "train" someone's ear faster than the everyday humdrum.

    Once you get your [CENSORED] down, you probably won't really need it. However, while you're developing your ear and your skills, it's an inexpensive tool that could do some good.

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