Hard copy recording vs. soft copy recording

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    Hey everyone,

    I am needing some info on recording live in a worship facility type setting. I am the sound engineer for my church and we are in a desparate need of an upgrade to our system. from rewiring to all new equip. I am working on a fairly tight budget not small just tight. I have about 12 years exp in this setting and am familiar with alot of the hardware thats out there but was wondering if recording to a software program on a cpu would be better and more economical in the long run. it would save storage room and would not have to purchase tapes/disks until we needed to distribute. thanks for any input.

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    I too used to work for the Foundry United Methodist Church, one of our presidents churches in the District of Columbia. When I came on board, they had a reasonable Allen & Heath console but were still recording their services to analog cassettes! I almost immediately put in a computer to record all services to. It was then easy to raise the quality level and to distribute the services and musical recitals to CD's and MP3's, so I think it a good idea for you. These recordings were generally only stereo, 2 track. Most of their musical services were of a high caliber, fine arts symphonic and operatic performances. I really didn't have much need for a multitrack interface but if I was dealing with modern contemporary Christian music, I would have longed for a multitrack digital recorder. So, I would recommend for you something like the Alesis/Mackie/TASCAM 24 track hard disk recorders. They are dedicated recorders and are less prone to failure like in computer based systems. With those, there is generally an easy way to transfer into a computer for mixing or simply doing the mix on the same console you tracked through.

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