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Discussion in 'Computing' started by JDA, Oct 23, 2005.

  1. JDA

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    If you were building a new DAW today what 7200 RPM Hard Drives would you recommend for performance and reliabilty that are semi-quiet?

    I’m going to need the following:

    1 PATA for OS and Software (80GB)

    1 SATA for Samples (160GB Mostly for Drum Samples like BFD)

    1 SATA for Audio (Removable Setup) I'll probably buy a couple of these to start with and add more as I need them for different projects.

    I plan to make the Audio HD removable in my rack case and think I might go with smaller sized HD's 80GB - 160GB for Audio. I'll be working on seperate projects quite a bit and thought this might be a better way to go for my setup.

    I’ve been looking at the various models from Seagate, Maxtor, and Western Digital, but not sure which brand/model/size is currently considered better regarding reliabilty and being semi-quiet.

    Seagate appears to have the best warranty with 5 years, but I don't know how well they back it up and if their RMA process is any better or worse than other brands.

    Thanks for any info and suggestions! JD...

    P.S. I don't know if it's the forum search engine or my computer that I surf with. (G4 Mac OS X using Safari & IE Browser.)

    I get a General Error when trying to use the search function and then some type of Debug Mode.

    Now I've searched about a week ago and it worked fine, but the last few days it doesn't work at all.
  2. Groff

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    Jul 18, 2004
    Try with WD Raptor's. They are SATA, 10.000, 74 GB.

    I have two and I'm happy. Look comparison at: storagereview.com
  3. axel

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    I am doing well since about 8 years! with Seagate Baraccuda 7200rpm drives, for all my audio data in various sizes for sound library, recording and backup, and they are ultra quiet!!!

    but many people recommended me maxtor 7200rpm (i think diamond 9, but not shure!) as well, that's my apps / boot drive and is doing fine as well...

    never had a single problem myself with them.
  4. Mr-Nice

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    I would go with a western digital raptor SATA 10,000 RPM 80GB for data (I also would store my samples on this drive) and a seagate ultra320 15,000 RPM 30GB SCSI drive for audio. Or I would just still use my ultra160 seagate drive for audio which is still fast enough.
  5. JDA

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    Thanks for the replies!

    I'm going to do a little more research and plan to order in the next few days. I'm leaning toward the Seagate HD's at the moment, but anyone else who wants to add their experiences and recommendations please do so. I'll definitely be checking back before taking the plunge. :)

    Thanks! JD...

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