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Discussion in 'Mixing' started by Oquendo02, Aug 2, 2006.

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    Hi im going into music production and my school uses Pro Tools and i want to get pro tools to use on my own computer. Do you have to use digidesigns hardware to work with protools? I have one of the new Alesis Multimix firewire mixers that i love, is that compatible with Pro Tools? So basically can i just buy the software and use it with what i have already? or do I have to buy the m-box? Right now im using Ableton Live 5.0.1 for recording.

    thanks, andrew
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    You have to use digidesign hardware or m-audio "protools" compatible hardware.

    I'm not sure of the exact products by M-audio that can use "mpowered protools" or what ever it called. check there website

    But for digidesign products, the mbox 2 or digi 002r are likely the way to go. well that and then HDcards but those are expensive.
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    Ahhh ok that sucks. Yeah I really like the Alesis Multimix i can record my whole band with it. I guess I really just want to get PRO TOOLS to become familiar with it so ill be more efficient throughout school and my later careers. The M-Box to me at first glance really just looks like a recording box for a solo musician and not for a band? Whats the next best program next to Pro Tools?
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