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  1. i am wiring up my studio right now and i have a problem that nobody has been able to solve for me. i have a pro vla II compressor, a dbx 31 band eq, a lexicon mx300 fx unit and a tc electronic finalizer that i would like to run as hardware inserts and i have not been able to find a piece of hardware with more than 2 inserts. i had a tascam fw1884 which is no longer compatible with our new operating system and that did have 8 inserts. i have a profire 2626 for inputs and the aux out but i have nothing to send the signal back in. PLEASE HELP ME!!!
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    I'm unclear here what you're trying to accomplish? An insert on an audio device generally allows a device (after the input signals initial pre-amplification) to allow signals to pass through your ancillary devices before the A2D converter. This is so you can record all of that processing after your initial pre-application. And you don't find that much on computer interface audio devices. And even FireWire enabled mixers may not allow that insert continuity in the record feed. So you're trying to record to all of this processing before the A2D conversion, correct? If you're just trying to utilize these hardware devices on already recorded tracks, you don't need the inserts. And that's because you can play back on outputs while you are recording on inputs for the overdub process. You would simply handle external analog processing from your computer audio interface outputs, three or analog processing and back to the inputs of the same device. You would then record this on to fresh, empty tracks.

    Because many of these multitrack computer interface devices are designed for simultaneous input & output capabilities, frequently, specialized internal digital mixing allows one to route what's coming in and going out of your box. In other words, your outputs might be assigned to 7 & 8 while you're loop back with the ancillary analog stuff would be feeding inputs 1 & 2 or, 3 & 4. You get the picture.

    I also don't quite buy the fact that your 1884 won't work with your new operating system. That sounds like operator error to me. Are you using Linux? I don't think so? Either way, you just take the outputs into your analog stuff and feed it back to the inputs. That's why it doesn't have inserts. You don't need them. It's all in how you understand signal flow. Sometimes people think of signal flow as Georgia roadmaps. But for those that understand signal flow, it's like being in Manhattan. In Manhattan, you don't even have to know where you're going to find a good delicatessen. Where the heck is a delicatessen in Georgia?

    Hot pastrami on rye with mustard, thank you.
    Mx. Remy Ann David
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    well the whole point of using my external hardware as hardware inserts is to not have to re-record tracks by running them out and back in as that would create latency issues and more crap like that. i want to be able to use my outboard gear as i would a plug-in within pro tools.

    also the 1884 drivers are only compatible with OSX 32 bit and our new computer runs 64
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    Running tracks out and back through some hardware shouldn't have latency. If it did then tracks recorded by musicians would also be out of sync.

    Other than the Pro VLA II there's nothing you listed that would be worth tracking through, or even using later instead of a plug except perhaps the Lexicon if you're really short on processing power. The parametric eq in most any DAW is better than the dbx you list. The Finalizer is meant for the end of the process, not the beginning, and anything it does can be done better ITB.
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