hardware synths vs vst/vsti?

Discussion in 'Synths / Samplers & VSTi' started by Guelph_Guy, Jan 10, 2016.

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    I built a magazine CV from MIDI interface back in the early 80s - and it was horrible. Managed to make noises but never the ones you got when playing live.

    On the sequencing front - thinking about it - it's quite conceivable he could do this nowadays with a looper pedal - especially as those early Miami Vice things were very short repeating loops of sounds and percussion. It would be interesting to see if you could set this up to do this song?
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    I think you probably could. It would take some patience, though, I think. Sequencing the entire piece and then soloing on top of it would be infinitely easier, IMO. But sure, if you worked at it, I think you could probably loop sections, though I think you would need a few looping devices for the key/section changes.
    I remember when the actual TV theme song ( 3 min or so in length) was on the charts; in interviews, Hammer said he used an Oberheim OB 8, a Yamaha Dx7, and a drum machine ( don't recall which one now, though...might have been a Linn, or one of the early Yamaha models). I was working music retail at that time ('85, maybe '86?) who was a Yamaha dealer, and we couldn't keep enough DX7's in stock to meet the demand. We were ordering 20-30 of them a month, and they'd go right back out the door the minute we got them from Yamaha. I wasn't even working the keyboard department, I was in Recording, but I sold many of them as part of studio packages that I put together for my customers, and I bet I sold 20 of them myself between 1985-86... I'm sure the actual keyboard sales guy did very well on commissions just on the DX7 alone. We didn't deal Oberheim, but I'm willing to bet that those retailers who did made a killing as well. I wouldn't go so far as to say that Hammer's Miami Vice theme was responsible for all those DX7 sales, but I'm sure it was responsible for a pretty big chunk of them.
    As a personal side note, I never really liked the DX7 that much. I thought it sounded thin, lacking the balls and warmth of analog synths like the Prophet and Jupiter... and as samplers came into the scene (Ensoniq Mirage, Emu EMax, etc,,), I became very interested in that technology I guess I just wasn't as much of a fan of the digital FM synthesis as others were... ( I loathed the DX7 "Rhodes".. and I still do LOL)...But I must have been the odd man out with that, because every keyboard player I worked with in the 80's had one...and there's no doubt that thousands of them were sold. ;)
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