Has anybody heard of this line of music????

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  1. I don't know the name of his producer but the musician is David Crowder... and I think he has mastered recording, the balance of certain tracks L/R and the volume just everything it's quite good... I would recommend you checking some of his music/recordings out... it's under a christian music genre and it is by far the best christian recordings I have ever heard. he has his own website but and I do have some of his recordings on my PC I just don't know how to upload them to this thing....

    if somebody could instruct me on this matter I would be happy to get some up for you all.... (I'm too lazy to look for the tutorial on this board lol hey it's late!!!)
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    hello jon the lefty. i play guitar for my church and we do a lot of david crowder covers! excellent music, and production indeed! i'm pretty sure he used pro-tools, that's about as far as i can tell you,,, but that's a good production style to shoot for! :cool:
  3. hey KteK... I read something about him maybe using, I cheaper Computer Program with a DAW... I think his Illuminate Album came with a trial version of it... I forget what it's called though ugh... it's the one with an orchestra file, oh ---- "Propellerhead"!! that's it! has anybody used this program at all, maybe I'll ask about it on a diff thread.
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    you must be thinking of "REASON" by Propellorhead, owned by Steinburg.

    it's got the orchestral soundbank. i've had reason since the day it came out,,, love it!!! you can't record with it though. it's solely a bunch of virtual intruments, and a handful of nice effect devices.

    if you want to record audio along with it, reason would have to be "re-wired" into a program like logic, cubase, DP, or protools. which ever was used doesn't really matter.

    that's interesting, i had no idea he was using reason.
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    Lefty's right. The Illuminate CD actually has two read-only reason tracks that came straight off of that CD. We also do covers of DCB, but have decided to write our own Reason files to back the instrumentalists for the songs we do.

    For what it's worth, we've used Reason quite a bit live, even with a full setup. I also saw Lincoln Brewster (similar genre to David Crowder) play, and his drummer plays with two Apple laptops at his side, apparently running Reason as well.

    Cool stuff.. Glad to see you mention this here!
  6. that's very interesting I hadn't thought of reason as a live sound bank as Lincoln Brewster uses it!! that's very interesting! since you have Reason KTeK... how would you rate the Cello sound or any of the other stringed instruments, since that is what I am really interested in?? (anybody else that owns Reason feel free to chime in)!
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    Hmm, well I gotta be honest. The Reason string sounds are certainly useable, but I sometimes have a difficult time fitting them into a mix. We did a fairly large string arrangement (10 tracks of strings) on an original track we recorded, and while it ended up working, the strings sound pretty washed out. We ended up using some Triton string patches to bring the presence up, and I was happy with the results. (I can send you a sample mp3 of the song we did if you're interested.)

    After doing that track, I've decided to purchase the East-West Quantum Leap string samples. Listening to the MP3s on their site convinced me that those are exactly the string sounds I've been looking for. Reason strings works, but they're not quite the right sound for every song mix.

    Reason's other instruments (esp. Mälstrom!) and sounds more than make up for this though. Overall, Reason is a "must-have" in my toolset.

    Hope that helps!
  8. I would be VERY interested in that song sample... you could send it to this email... if you don't have it uploaded somewhere on the web.. supermanlivn4him@yahoo.com and I will check out those string sample East West? I haven't looked yet but would they work with cakewalk homestudio? thanx for all your help!!! let me know if you have a homepage for your own music!!! here is my xanga site... http:// and I am working on my own music site too.... later
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    They might. They come with their own standalone player based on Native Instruments' Kontakt. Here is the link for hearing the MP3s:


    hope that helps!

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