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Has anyone tried the Klein&Hummel UE - Tube EQ??

Discussion in 'Graphic / Parametric EQ (analog)' started by Lars Löhn, Mar 4, 2002.

  1. Lars Löhn

    Lars Löhn Guest


    I was offered a UE 100 Tube EQ from
    Klein & Hummel. Unfortunately,
    I know nothing about it. The guy wants
    600 Dollars for it. Is that ok, or too much,
    is it recommendable??


  2. You should buy it right away. Those KH tube eq's sound great.
  3. anonymous

    anonymous Guests

    Feb 10, 2001
    Der sind echt die renner! (ich hab gehourt), meine freund muchte gener ein kaufen vom Der Zweite Hand in Berlin, alzo! Pass auf!

    "Gibt Koln Kein chance"!

    Und teuchs!

  4. sonochrom

    sonochrom Guest

    und teuchs ?

    what mean that ?
  5. anonymous

    anonymous Guests

    Feb 10, 2001
    Weisst der Geyer! (eagle)


    Slang for goodbye! How do you spell it? Teuss? I was making a joke in my horrendus German.


    I will get back to joking in English!

    I lived in Berlin for 2 years 91-93 and ejoyed it very much. I did some sessions at Preusson Tone, Vielklang, Deucher Shalplatte studio, and some other smaller studios..
  6. jo

    jo Active Member

    Oct 9, 2001
    Home Page:
    Do you mean "tschüss"?

    It's hard do spell German correctly. Now you see how I feel posting in English

    Tschüss Jo
  7. anonymous

    anonymous Guests

    Feb 10, 2001
    That's it! Wow! Lots of letters!

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