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Discussion in 'Mastering' started by lionyouth, Nov 26, 2003.

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    is it beacause of todays 16bit world that I cannot seem to feel the vibe anymore...when analog tape was around I could feel it so it moved me...now I am forced to move to it! masters when you get a demo to master is it usually a cd and you can only do so much to it? do you get a better vibe from reel tapes....what is your preference....is cd ruining my vibe! how can I get it back in the mix if what I can afford is my computer for mixing....I have done things like taking demos and recording them on video and audio tapes to get a natural compression state and recording them back to cd...its seems to squeeze everything togather in a smooth way but the trained ear seems to still know....what other tricks are there in the final laydown that I can do
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    As long as you don't harm the music you are trying to master all forms of manipulation are valid. If it makes it seem more real to take your final output though a reel-to-reel tape recorder then do it. If you put you final mix though a Fender guitar amp or MacIntosh tube audio preamp and it sounds better to you - do it.

    Try to conceptualize what it is that the tube preamps or reel-to-tape recorders are doing for and to your mix and then find alternative ways to do the same thing with your computer.

    It is what creativity in mastering is all about.

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