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HD Recorders: RADAR/TASCAM/Mackie?

Discussion in 'Digital Recorders' started by etnier, May 28, 2001.

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  1. etnier

    etnier Guest

    I originally posted this topic in the ProTalk forum, but am advised that hard disk recorders are seen as digital workstations here, so...

    I am considering moving from 2" to one of the new hard disk 24-track recording systems and am asking for anyone's opinions of the relative merits of the units mentioned above. I don't really understand the operational differences between the two, and am of course interested in sound quality, particularly as I will be using the unit's A/D/A converters a substantial amount.

    (Specifically I would track anything more than 2-4 inputs using the recorder's A/D, and play back most projects using the recorder's D/A so as to have access to analog processing during mixdown. My console right now is an 02R with upgrade to a DMX100 or some unknown newer equivalent planned in the next couple of years.)

    I need a box that is fully functional for tracking, lockup and editing, and very good sound quality throughout.

    I have searched for a thread on this topic- you'd think there'd be one, but I can't find one. However, I have to say that the server for this board is so slow I didn't search as deeply as I otherwise might have. If there's a useful thread somewhere, I certainly would apprciate a reference to it.

    Thanks in advance...

    And, of course, some important additional information for you:

    :) :( :eek: :p
  2. tn.redman

    tn.redman Guest

    I've heard about a new box by Bertsch Electronics in Canada called the DPR32. You can see more at Bertsch DPR32. I haven't seen it mentioned anywhere else though.

    Has anyone seen this unit and could compare it to the "Radar/Tascam/Mackie"?
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