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    so i have a mackie HDR 24/96... all of a sudden, it stops recognising any external drive. we reformatted twice, still no luck. we've done everything, spent a good 7 hours troubleshooting... we think someone put the wrong kind of tray into the bay, and ^#$%ed something up. i know someone had put an SNT127A from startech.com in there, but they were convinced it was more than compatible... what does everyone here think? here is the tray in question: here is the tray.

    anyone have any idea how i can solve this problem? the studio had to shut down 2 sessions so far, this has to get fixed in the next few hours! and we're definitely trying to avoid buying a new machine... does anyone know what happens when you use the wrong tray? exactly what gets cooked? how it can be fixed?

    also, we're searching for the HDR complete re-format disks. not the stuff you can download... we received these special complete re-format disks from mackie, but one of our engineers misplaced one... if anyone has these, please post so i can download them from you!!!!!

    thank you everyone! any help is much appreciated! we're all running on no sleep, scrambling to get this sorted out!
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    The "correct" drive caddy for a HDR is a Lian Li RH 58, but, if this other caddy fits into the slot, then it should be no problem, the connectors inside are a standard (I think) sccsi/printer socket.
    I assume the drive you are using has been verified as a read/write drive by the HDR, if it hasnt, it may be the drive speed is too slow, and can only be used for archiving.
    Have you tried reseating the drive cable inside the HDR??
    When you reformatted, did you verify the drive???
    Have you tried putting that drive in a PC and making sure another computor can read it?, its possible the drive has died.
    Also, try looking/posting in the Mackie HDR forum.
    The most common advice given with any HDR problem is to download a fresh copy of the OS, copy it onto unused floppys and reinstalling the OS
    Good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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