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    so i have a mackie HDR 24/96... all of a sudden, it stops recognising any external drive. we reformatted twice, still no luck. we've done everything, spent a good 7 hours troubleshooting... we think someone put the wrong kind of tray into the bay, and ^#$%ed something up. i know someone had put an SNT127A from startech.com in there, but they were convinced it was more than compatible... what does everyone here think? here is the tray in question: here is the tray.

    anyone have any idea how i can solve this problem? the studio had to shut down 2 sessions so far, this has to get fixed in the next few hours! and we're definitely trying to avoid buying a new machine... does anyone know what happens when you use the wrong tray? exactly what gets cooked? how it can be fixed?

    also, we're searching for the HDR complete re-format disks. not the stuff you can download... we received these special complete re-format disks from mackie, but one of our engineers misplaced one... if anyone has these, please post so i can download them from you!!!!!

    thank you everyone! any help is much appreciated! we're all running on no sleep, scrambling to get this sorted out!
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    Have you addressed this problem to Mackie Tech Support? They may or may not answer their phones...
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    HDD Pin configuration

    Hmm, I would love to help you out. Remembering that this machine is essentially a Pentium PC with a MBO and ultraIDE interface I would suspect that it might have to do with the pin configuration on the back of the actual external HDD. Is it set to MASTER? I dimly remember having to try different settings (slave/master/etc.) in order to get the OS to recognize the drive. Have you got the newest OS and drivers installed? Since it is a PC it will also have a BIOS setting and most likely will allow you to access it (upon booting) and check whether the drive appears in the bios.
    Hope things work out for you.

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