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    Hey everybody. I own, use and love my mackie HDR. but, It seems like it's on the soon to be "extinct" list. I hav'nt heard anything about a "new version" anywhere. and the mackie HDR chat room is pretty much dead as well. I know tascam and radar have cotinued production. The "stand alone" digital recorder is just the best idea in the world to me as far as practicality is concerned. I just love the easy use of how "outboard gear"works so well with the HDR! ......I simply can't afford a "big" tape machine! and the whole "computor heavy enviroment" thing is just tooooo involved for this simple little drummer. has anybody heard any rumors of an "HDR II"...? or, will I be forced with only the options of a radar unit?.....any oppinions or words of hope on this ?
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    You can check the Mackie product guide online to see what's been discontinued. (I don't remember exactly, but I seem to recall the HD is belly-up, along with a few other aging items.)

    It's a good product; maybe you can buy up a few extra drive caddies and a second or third unit cheap (esp if people are dumping them on Ebay or wherever.) Stockpile a spare and a few more units for cannibalizing (for parts, repairs, etc.)

    If it's truly going the way of the Elcassette, I feel your pain. I was almost going to go with the Mackie HD but went with the Fostex D2424LV instead.

    It's a great box for no-brainer, live multitrack HD tracking (concerts, broadcasts, etc.) But I'm sure it'll be either updated as a MKII or something, or just abandoned altogether. There's just too many things it DOESN'T do, compared to all the other stand-alone DAWs and stuff out there now. Even the optional Ethernet connection is too slow, and has to be factory installed for an additional cost of about $500. It's perfect for me as a second "live" system - I simply track on it and then transfer the tracks out of it and into Samplitude (in real time via ADAT optical).

    Even if Mackie drops the HD, it should be a viable unit for quite a while yet, esp since the most important part - the drives themselves - are easily replaceable.
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    I wouldn't worry too much about taht: I own and currently uase an SDR2496 for my location work, and though it's been discontinued it has all of the features needed to be compatible with other pro gear for a lot more years to come; the only thing could be drives type as they could switch from the standard ATA or S-ATA format to a new one (and eventually will), but I'm taking care of it by getting a few spares of big size. Obsolescence is a common thing that has to be taken into account when dealing with digital audio gear, but even if the SDR and HDR are (or will be) discontinued Mackie annouced that support would've been available for some time on, so enjoy your machine and track some good music with it.

    Hope this helps


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