Headphone Amp Distribution System

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    I am not sure if this belongs here… but I have just completed the design on a 8 Channel Headphone Amplifier/ Personal mixer.

    The Idea is to simplify headphone mixes for your clients. You send 8 channels out of your recording setup. These would be sub mixes, stems or 8 things you like. The musician then has 8 faders and pan knobs, a master bus 3 band eq and gain controls to configure their own headphone mix.
    This idea is not new, but most boxes out there requires a controller and user interface….
    The best part is you can daisy chain as many units as you like. I used DB25 standard connectors, so you can hook this up with one cable. Its really a handy box.

    So I am going to make myself up a few, does anyone else want in? I want to share the cost of the parts again…
    Most people choose to DIY there own version for the cost of the parts (I don’t charge for the design or design time). Some get me to build it for them, I do charge for my time in that case.

    Anyway PM me if your interested.

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