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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by vidurm, Sep 6, 2006.

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    Hi all,
    This is my first post here.
    I am relatively new in the recording world, but have been playin guitar for about 5 years. I recently purchased a Behringer F-Control Firewire interface, which i use with my Compaq Nx6120 notebook(1.24Gb RAM).

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    This is an option. I am in India but have relatives coming from the US later this year, they would bring it along.
    There was also another option, but the ART amp given with it did not have really appealing reviews :wink:
    Any other options anyone would suggest? I am basically into recording my own stuff with friends etc, nothin too formal, jus a hobby. Multi-genric from classical indian music to Power metal.

    Any advise would be appreciated

  2. actually the ONLY thing behringer is really good for is headphone amps, the powerplay 8 is the bomb obviously. its kind of weird that you have an interface being used with a laptop, thats nice RAM, but what is your processing speed and what is it rated at. i have an HP that is 2.2gHz rated at 2400 and it performs faster than a 2.8gHz. also i am now sold on athalon because they are awesome. i was scared that since mac's use intel i should use intel, but intels are shitty i think. AMD rocks.
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    Wel my comp runs on 1.8 Intel Centrino... :( but i guess the RAM does make up for lost Ghz...hehehe

    Have already told my relatives to get the akg and presonus bundle from musicians friend...can stil get it changed though...doubt they would have ordered it...any help anyone?

    PS: had expected a better response...but wtf....hehe
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    Feb 23, 2005
    You need to ask yourself if you REALLY need (4) sets of 'phones for what you are doing. The model AKG headphones they are offering in that deal are their cheapest crappiest models. A good set of AKG, Sony, Sennheiser, or Grado phones will set you back $100 EACH. You get what you pay for. If you can't deal with studio monitors at this time, at least get a PROFESSIONAL set of headphones. Personally, I like the Sennheiser HD280 and the Grado (any model). As for the amp, all of the cheap ones (PreSonus, Behringer, ART, etc) are so-so. You might check with the manufacturer of the headphones to check their impedance ("Ohms") and then see whose amp matches to that the best. This makes a HUGE difference as to the headroom and clarity of sound that the amp will deliver to your ears. Personally, I wouldn't even crap on a Behringer product, but there are worse products out there.
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    I wouldn't suggest mixing through headphones. Use them to help you mix by listening to the details of particular things... but don't bother trying to mix through them. Even with no experience, you're probably better off with monitors. Obviously it's not impossible, but I don't know that you'll like the results.
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    Samson C-que8 headphone amp

    I own an earlier version of the Samson C-que8 headphone amp, which has served me well for the past 8 years, and is still going strong. Samson (http://www.samsontech.com) is known for providing good 'bang-for-the-buck'. This unit will power up to 4 sets of phones.

    Hope that helps!
  7. vidurm

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    the reason i am specifically goin in for 4 headphones is primarily because we wil be around 4-5 people recording...and well...everyone would wanna hear whats being played...at least me and the guy who would be playin..

    have read alot of reviews abt the presonus and they were pretty decent..nice infact....ART had v v v v bad reviews...almost everyone everywhere had cloberred them...but wtf...

    wil search more i guess...but stil don wanna spend so much on headphones...and plus...even the AKGs would have a decent second hand market in india...might jus get more than what i paid for..haha
  8. vidurm

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    reason i dont wanna get monitors is cause the cheap ones are crap and good ones are waaaaaay over my budjet...also the area where i live is pretty noisy..so i would need high wattage monitors...u hv any options??
  9. vidurm

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    Re: Samson C-que8 headphone amp

    checkin now...thanks!
  10. corrupted

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    I completely understand...
    But, you can get some decent monitors for reasonable prices. Hell, even using a good home speaker setup and a quality receiver might be better than using just headphones if you hooked it up correctly.

    But, if it's so noisy that you can't hear clearly at lower volumes... then I guess you don't have many options.

    Most monitors will go to deafening volumes before clipping if you crank them up, are you sure they're not going to be loud enough?
  11. vidurm

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    ^^well...with deafening volumes i am left with complaining neighbours...hehe....am checkin out some monitors anyways..

    hows the JBL control series?

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