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Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by soastudios, Feb 9, 2006.

  1. soastudios

    soastudios Guest

    I know this has been done to death but can anyone recommend a good, loud headphone amp. Or an alternative which will provide loud headphone mixes.

    We're currently using a Beh****** Powerplay HA4000, and while this is adequate and provides the amount of separate mixes we need, it never seems to be loud enough. Particularly for the doom metal clients we seem to attract.

    We use 2 auxes on our DDA to provide either 2 Stereo mixes or 1 stereo and 2 mono mixes. This is easily accomodated by the HA4000, so any alternatives just need to be equal in spec and louder.

    Looking forward to hearing your views.

    ps Did I mention it needs to be loud?
  2. redbort

    redbort Active Member

    Jun 15, 2005
    best advice i've found is not louder headphone amps, but louder headphones. For that closed back senhizer HD280 is what i'm using. I dont find these loud enough even sometimes, anyone know of louder headphones aswell?
  3. Kev

    Kev Well-Known Member

    Nov 13, 2001
    apart from very low imp headphones
    and the new B unit may have a little more power
    there is not much you can do without going to an AMP and a passive distribution system

    BUT then you have to be very careful as you have the gain structure to damage both ears and headphones

    Efficiency of headphones (and speakers) ... with the closed back as suggested above ... is always a good start when it comes to maximising the power you have
  4. citrusburst

    citrusburst Member

    Jun 9, 2004
    Hey Soastudios,

    I've had great success with a used Samson C-Que 8. I got it off of eBay for about $60. It's...extremely...loud. A cheap set of headphones like the AKG K44's (about $20) can be pushed to unbearably loud through this amp.

    Hope that helps.

  5. johnReeve

    johnReeve Guest

    Don't forget that you can also get some isolation using better cosed back phones; this has the effect of shutting out the outside sounds so taht you don't have to drive them as loud.

    What kind of headphones are you using, and what kind of attenuation do they give?
  6. soastudios

    soastudios Guest

    thanks for your replies.

    We use Beyer DT100s which are 400 ohms, and should be fine.

    I'm beginning to wonder whether its an amp malfunction or just that these bands are so used to everything being incredibly loud in their practice rooms that they will only ever be disappointed when they put on the headphones.
  7. jonnyc

    jonnyc Member

    Apr 21, 2005
    I can't see how your behri isn't loud enough. I have the 8 channel version and its so freakin loud I can't turn the main volume past three with the individual volume at half way. I'm not sure you're really going to find much louder, better sounding yes, but only the musicians tracking use the headphones and I really don't care about the quality of the sound going into their phones.
  8. Barkingdogstudios

    Barkingdogstudios Active Member

    Oct 29, 2003
    Have a look at the OZ Audio HM-6. Four separate mixes from four sources plus a "main" mix. I have been driving AKG 240M headphones with it and never had any problems with volume. Just wish they made a rack version ..... anyone from OZ Audio listening?

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