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    Dec 12, 2003
    Hi All,

    anyone here using the oz audio HM6 (or similar) headphone amp with a DAW and no hardware mixer? I have 8 outs (rme adi8) and have played a few scenarios in my head of how to get it all going, few ways it can be done, was wondering what others have done.
    I guess this question relates mainly to routing signals within the software mixer.

    My concern is: the HM6 has a mainLR in which spreads across all 6 headphone channels, it also has 4 seperate inject channels, each headphone strip has a master headphone level and 4 level pots to control the level of each of the injected channels.
    So, I take my mainLR mix signal ( from outs 1 and 2 of soundcard)
    and it gets split (via central station) to my monitors and into the main LR in on the HM6. Done.
    Seperate Signals to the four inject inputs on the HM6 are been sent from outs 3,4,5 and 6 of my soundcard via buses created in my software mixer, this way I can choose which channels come out seperately into the HM6. (using AUX sends on software mixer). I now have 2 spare outs on my soundcard (7 and 8 ).

    However the HM6 manual states: "you should take whatever is in the inject inputs out of the stereo mix, otherwise the inject inputs can only make that source louder".
    If I take the signal out of my stereo mix I will be missing those channels/instruments from my mix in the control room.

    Like I said, I have played a few scenarios in my head but I'm wondering what others have done, probably told their clients to piss off when they asked for seperate mix's! I think its important for the talents performance thats all.


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    the only way to remove the inputs from the stereo mix is if you have a mixing board. the way i have done this is at a studio with a 24 channel console.

    take the 8 outputs of the daw into the inputs of the mixing board take bus1&2 as stereo bus and send drums and/or other inputs (vocals, etc).

    take bus 3 as the bass, bus 4 as guitar 1 bus 5 as guitar 2 and bus 6 as click.

    now you can get your control room mix on the mixing board, and your headphone mix as the players see fit. usually i would leave the headphone mixer in the main studio room and have the drummer (or whoever is closest to the hp mixer) turn stuff up or down for everyone else.

    hope this helps.


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