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Discussion in 'Monitoring' started by Gertok, Feb 3, 2007.

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    Hi! I do not know what headphones to buy to reduce the sound from them on the track with vocal? So i do look for sound quality they make, i just want the minimum sound leakage. Thanx
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    You made a typo in your message I think, so its not very clear. I know your looking to prevent sound leakage... but were you also looking for sound quality, or is that less important to you?

    For fairly decent quality sound, with good isolation suitable for musicians to wear while tracking.... Check out the Sony MDF-7509's (or the cheaper MDF-7506's). I like the 7509's.

    However if sound quality is a lesser issue, try checking into "DJ headphones". Most DJ headphones are more reasonably priced than reference headphones, and they also are designed to have good isolation.... but the sound quality tends not to be so good even in the better models.

    We have a pair of decent Technics DJ headphones in our studio... the isolation is extremely good. They fit really snug, and the swivel on them has the unique peculiarity that it fits any kind of persons head no matter the shape or size, so you always get a good seal around the ears to prevent headphone bleed into the microphone. The seal is even better than on my previously mentioned Sony 7509's, and those are decent also... but the 7509's tend to be mildly selective in that they dont seal as good around some peoples heads on rare occasions.

    Only downside to those Technics DJ headphones is that they are just a tad lacking the the faithful reproduction departmnent. The bottom is a tad muddy, and the top end is a little lacking as it does not reproduce transients as good. However, if isolation during tracking is your goal, and your not looking to pay a lot... check out the various Technics models.
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    Senn HD280pro has great isolation.
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    Jan 17, 2007
    I know it's kind of 'cheap'/'not the greatest of all ideas' but it works ...

    I've had singers bring in their in ear MP3 player headphones as a back up if they keep asking for me to turn up the cans.

    Most of them (and myself - I use Shure e3's) have found it's not that bad. I've also found I'm not turning up the headphone mix nearly as much.

    But that just goes for leakage ...

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