HEEEEELP! Can I get some tips on best setup for my gear???

Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by Guzzy, Mar 15, 2006.

  1. Guzzy

    Guzzy Guest

    Hey All.....

    I've just filled out some of my gear and want to do some recording. I play drums, guitar and bass. I have an acoustic and electric guitars, electric bass, and pearl pro series export.
    I want to get my original stuff down on well recorded tracks (as good as possible anyway, hey we all have to start somewhere) and am really looking foward to the learnign curve.

    I will be recording on a TASCAM DPO1 FX/CD (recent purchase), with a 10 channel auidocraft/folio mixer, peavy poweramp (both inherited 2nd hand cheap), I have also invested in a seven peice SAMSON drum mic set (recent purchase). SM57 mic and nearfield monitors are next on list.

    I was hoping for some tips on setting up this recording gear for best results or some initial add on's that are of value???? I was going to mix on the audiocraft for drums and then punch into one of the 2 DPO1 inputs. Should I split the mixer outs between the 2 DPO1 in, should all other single inputs go straight to the DPO1 or through the mixer, should I even consider using the power mixer in the setup somewhere (preamp???) ??????

    Remember After purchasing my recorder my initial budget from here will be reduced for a while........

    Any help would be much appreciated..........

    Thanks in advance "Guzzy" (the new newbie)........
  2. Guzzy

    Guzzy Guest

    Amendment to the above....

    Sorry about, that bit of a rush on my original post.

    my current recording gear is:
    -Soundcraft Spirit Folio 12/2
    -Peavy CS1200 stereo power amp
    -SAMSON 7 pce drum mic set (1x Kick drum, 3x tom, 1x snare and 2x co2 condenser over heads).
    - 1x cheapy dynamic vocal mic (hopefully will soon acquire a sm57).
    -will monitor through a stereo amp and speaker set up for now (nearfield monitors are on the list).

    Would really appreciate some set up tips and potential bang for buck additions.......

    1. Best set up for the above?

    2. How can I get the best flexibility with my Drums, all mics into mixer and then into 1 or 2 inputs on recorder? Mastering flexibility?

    3. how can I power the two condensers? Phantom power is aplied to all 12 channels on the soundcraft when turned on. will this damage the dynamics (all on XLR connections to the mixer)?

    4. what should I be looking at for my next additions to make my spending efficient, biggest improvement to recording quality?

  3. TeddyG

    TeddyG Well-Known Member

    Jan 20, 2005
    What is this?


    I assume it's some sort of recording "thing"? It doesn't come up with a Google search...

  4. Guzzy

    Guzzy Guest

    Tascam dpo1 FX/CD is a digital recorder with on board cd burner, effects in built, 8 channels, phantom power, on board 40GB hard drive etc.

    Not sure why it didnt come up on google. Its listed in a few places on my search. try looking on the Tascam home page.

  5. mugtastic

    mugtastic Active Member

    Dec 9, 2005
    didn't come up in search because its dpzero1 not dpo1.
    i record with the same setup at a higher level. better instruments with better mics into better board to a stereo compressor (next item perhaps) into a better hard disk based all in one recorder - that said, you'll be able to make good stuff with what you have and not have to use a computer mouse all day. your biggest limitation will be the tascams limit of 2 record tracks at a time, but i've been recording this way a bit lately - with practice getting a stereo drum track mix down as you record will teach you more about micing and mixing than you'll believe.
    1. mics into board, each channel panned to give desired stereo mix of drums, out into tascam 2 tracks xlr. you'll then have to use eq to add more snare or bass drum etc. i'd use the board for everything else too as a pre before the tascam
    2. for more flex. use a mono drum track. sum the condenser mics to one track and dynamics to the other and mix 'em. or the bassier drums to one with treble to another - stuff like that.
    3. phantom power will not harm the dynamic mics - power it up!
    4. next? compressor - help with levels and punch on everything esp. bass drums and peaking on vocals. mics? you have a bunch of mics to mess with - a 57 is a great all around mic, but perhaps not the next "single better" you'll use for all the "good stuff" - use what you have or maybe an inexpensive audio technica condenser. or a good large diaphagm dynamic - sennheiser md421 can do loads of stuff. monitors would be good but you can make good mixes through a stereo as long as you know how the speakers are "helping" the sound - listen to your favorite cds through them and mix to sound close to what you like. i play everything and sing too - get some good closed headphones for tracking so you don't pick up playback while recording and can hear whats going down - i love the sennheiser hd280pros.
    have fun!
  6. Guzzy

    Guzzy Guest

    Thanks for the feedback, huge help. Am looking foward to the experimenting and getting information from the people who know, thanks again.

    My plan was to mix the drums on the mixer and pan left and right in keeping with the kit lay out. i.e. O/head 1, snare, small tom all left - Middle tom centre - and floor tom, Kick and O/Head 2 right. Is this OK or would panning the Highs and lows (as you described) be better? (i.e. snare & cymbals left toms & kick right).

    I have 1/4 jacks from the mixer (stereo mix out to the 1/4 jack inputs (track 1 & 2). Will using XLR ins on the Tascam make a difference?

    Using the mics I have I was thinking that the snare dynamic and one of the condensers would be a good mix for guitar amps etc, and maybe the kick mic for bass with a condenser. Am I on track with this????

    Will the Peavy CS1200 stereo power amp be of any benifit in my recording rig???

    What sort of things should I be looking for in a compressor??? Remembering funds are tight....

    Thanks again for you feedback thus far......
  7. mugtastic

    mugtastic Active Member

    Dec 9, 2005
    don't worry about xlr into tascam and i can't see a use for the poweramp unless you need to power your speakers or a bass cab or something.

    i would create a stereo mix of the drums in the board (eg. hats at 9 o'clock 1 o/h at 10, rack tom at 11, snare and kick centred, 2 o/h at 1 o'clock, f. tom at 3 etc.) then record that onto 2 tracks panned hard right and left to create the stereo field.- note i mix drums from the perspective of the player - me - as opposed to the "audience" like most would do - this is what i've been doing as a way to practice controlled playing, mic placement and to put all my drums through my outboard stereo compressor etc. you won't have any flexibility when mixing though. so you can use old 4-track tricks like using eq as a mixing tool once you've tracked the drums. record snare and kick to one track, everything else to another then use the high eq to "mix" in more snare (or bass for kick). boths tracks would be centered though and you lose the sense of space and soundstage that a stereo drum mix provides. or if the drums always sound thin and harsh (problem with cheap condensers) then separate dynamics and condesensers to their own tracks and mix 'em later.

    dynamic up close, condenser a foot or few away is great for guitar and bass.

    im just a hobbyist so i got the cheapest compressor i could find at first (alesis nanocomp) and now use an ART pro vla, which most pros here would scorn, and someday i'll probably get something really good, but for a few hundred bucks cnd. i like its transparent sound and ease of use. at least now i know what the hell compression settings are and what to do with them.

    rock on.
  8. jcnoernberg

    jcnoernberg Guest

    Re: Amendment to the above....

    The +48v for phantom power rides on a third XLR connector pin that is not used on dynamics mic. So, it will not hurt the dynamic mics.
  9. Guzzy

    Guzzy Guest

    Thanks for the input you guys (jcnoernberg & Mugtastic) really appreciate the feedback. I'm sure I will have plenty more questions, but am looking foward to the learning/fun, and hopefully creating some cranking tunes.......

    Thanks again :cool:

    You guys rock !!!!

    Guzzy (the new, newbie) :-?

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