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  1. I have an amek tac magnum 36 channel console i just picked up, and the largest problem I have is that I cant find any online documentation like a users manuel, or anything Like that. so I will ask some questions I have here, and hope for the best.

    #1 I am getting a crackling sound out of my recordings so far, so bad to the extent that I cant even use them, and it seems to have something to do with my PFL/AFL the level is always peaked with play back and it cannot be ajusted by anything, So I am thinking that I recorded with it to high. but I dont really understand it.

    and come to think of it that is my only real problem, it has taken me about 3 weeks to get everything hooked up with trial and error. and no books, and before this I used a Roland 2480. so its quite a jump. if anymore info is needed maybe i can clear it up. just ask this is all I can offer as for my recording process...


    then from the alesis ( BTW crackling is on the track, not just in the monitors )

    alesis>MAC>protools>Toaster(burning software.)

    And here is a picture from about 2 weeks ago.
    This is before I put in the Bass Traps and Foam.

    I will thank you now for all your help, Just reading over this forum, I have no doubt that you guys will be able too.

  2. Update, I believ the ststic/Crackling is coming from the Alesis HD24, Has anyone ever heard of the Alesis HD 24 causeing crackling sounds? and It wont read my Hardrive anymore either in the Alesis, So maybe that HD was bad? or is bad? or.... somthing.
  3. What do I smell or somthing?
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    Sep 19, 2003
    You haven't given us a place to start mate, there are about 400 variables that could be causing this!

    Trial and error will be your quickest way. Start by bypassing the desk as its a complex unit. Record straight to protools using a cheap mic-pre. Record to hard disk, record to HD24.

    When you find the crackle, eliminate it.

    Hope that helps, sorry I couldn't do more,

  5. Well thats more help than I have recived elsewhere. I Will do what you say and let you know my findings.
  6. OOk I got it, HDD In Alesis Was bad, I tried a Quick Format and it said Disk Read Error Head Damage... so I got a new HDD for the Alesis, Crackling is gone. and works great.
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    Mar 19, 2006
    Amek TAC Magnum

    I'm new so sorry if this is late, Did you get a manuel? I have one and would be willing to send it to you, I cannot PM yet so I don't know if you will get this, if so, send me a PM.
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    Sep 28, 2005
    The SS logo next to the desk is a nice touch. I take it you dont do much hip-hop.
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    "Langley" Mic amp upgrade boards are now available for the TAC Magnum MG1001 module;


    Part number AML-16-011

    [They are also available for the TAC Matchless, TAC Scorpion, AMEK BC2 (Classic, G2520, APC) and AMEK Einstein ]


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