Hello i'm new. need some help fixing a bad kik recording

Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by KTek, Aug 11, 2004.

  1. KTek

    KTek Guest

    I love this place already!!!

    i'm in the process of recording my rock band "Blue Statik." i'm still constructing my studio in an unfortunaltely small 300 sq ft. (L-shape) storage unit.

    ok here's my situation, one song we did, we thought we'd experiment, and mic the kick from just to the side of the front... just next to hammer.

    ...... i know it was retarted....

    anyway, it got the bottom of the snare real bad, and we didn't notice untill later.. it's got a real bad snap and completely messes the ability to eq and compress the kick well... got any ideas???
  2. kinetic

    kinetic Guest

    You haven't given any details of what was used for the recording and whether the kick is on it's own track.

    If the kick is recorded on it's own track then a gate should clean things up between each kick beat. If the kick beats themselves have so much interference from other drums even after gating the only real alternative is to use that kick as a trigger for another substituted kick sound.

    If the kick is not on it's own track, and you are working on a DAW, you could copy the drum track (or tracks if in stereo) and splice the audio of the new track(s) so as to end up with just the kick, then proceed as above.
  3. KTek

    KTek Guest

    thanks for the reply

    yes it was it's own kick track. the drum writing involved an lot of hit's where the kick was a 16th note before the snare, (you know the typical break-ish rock beat).

    i really like your idea about triggering another kick sample.. you know if that's possible with logic platinum?"??? if not how about Logic Pro 6? i'm waiting for it to arrive in the mail :D
  4. kinetic

    kinetic Guest

    Sorry KTek, I can't help you much more - I use Cubase SX so I can't comment on the capability of Logic in solving your problem. I've never had to deal with the issue you have, at least not on a DAW, but I'm sure I have read about free or cheap plugins that can generate a midi note triggered by an audio source. Maybe someone else here can point you to such a plugin, but a quick search of the K-v-R site turned up this one:


    which triggers a sample from an audio input. I'm sure if you scratch around that site you will find something that will help.

    Good Luck
  5. NolanVenhola

    NolanVenhola Guest

  6. KTek

    KTek Guest

    thanx guys, i think that's ganna werk, just got to wait for my logic pro 6 to arrive,,, it'll open up that plugin. :D
  7. heyman

    heyman Guest

    2nd vote for Drumagog..
  8. Farview

    Farview Active Member

    Jul 20, 2004
    Home Page:
    3rd vote for Drumagog
  9. Doublehelix

    Doublehelix Well-Known Member

    Oct 7, 2001
  10. edboy7

    edboy7 Guest

    im sorry...wats Drumagog?
  11. KTek

    KTek Guest

    haven't tried it yet, but i think i'm ganna buy that once i get my next paycheck,,,i'm broke the for time being having bought logic pro.

    thanx again
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